Research Notes
These files form the basis of the research for Scott's PhD thesis. They contain newspaper cuttings, notes and extracts from books, interview transcriptions with local people active across the political spectrum, copies of articles, conference notes and events from Huddersfield and the wider Yorkshire area, additionally sometimes from other parts of the country where race relations was a prominent local issue. This series includes a file list compiled by the depositor and a short guide to the research and the PhD written in the present time.
  • SCT/1/1

    I a. Huddersfield-General/Historical Item

    File Ia 'Huddersfield General and Historical': General file containing local and national newspaper articles relating to the changing face of Huddersfield in relation to buildings and town planning during early 1970's; population centres in the suburbs of Huddersfield (dated 1959); soccer, dialect and language use in Huddersfield. Also contains information on Free Mason Lodges and members, immigration and the change in community leisure interests. There is a record of Huddersfield Corporation hierarchy, and the provision of new facilities for a growing local immigrant population. This file also contains bibliographies of books used and a list of illustrations of costume of workers in mills during the Victorian Era. Also mill workers conditions of employment; living conditions and migration for work; copy of 'Workers and Wool' c1931.
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  • SCT/1/10

    III b. Huddersfield Inter-ethnic politics Item

    Folder containing two files, Ethnic Politics Immigration Organisation, Inter- Ethnic organisations. Newspaper articles relating to Immigrant groups and their fight against racism, Black Power Movement. leaflets and newsletters produced by the Black Power Movement, Pakistan Zindabad, Newspaper articles and Handwritten research notes, IRR/RAI/BSA Third Annual Race Relations Conference 1968 Immigrant Organisations by Michael Dummett, Joint Council for Welfare of Immigrants.
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  • SCT/1/11

    III c. Huddersfield Race (Ethnicity and Conflict) Item

    Newspaper articles relating to Police in Huddersfield and Yorkshire and general problems, C.R.C. Police. Documents form IRR/RAI/BSA Fourth Annual Race Relations Conference, Local Authorities and the Police, Police and Black Power, Maltreatment and drugs, ethnic crime and Police. Handwritten research notes and supporting documents from Huddersfield Community Relations Council.
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  • SCT/1/12

    IV a. Huddersfield Local Party Politics Item

    Conservative Party File, newspaper articles up to 1993 including vist to Huddersfield by Enoch Powell, development of Huddersfield Conservative Association, Industrial Relations Bill, Holt prospective MP, South Central Conservatives, Black Power,British People's Union,Britain and Europe literature and newspaper articles handwritten notes .
    Liberal File. Newspaper articles and handwritten research notes Young Liberal Bulletin articles.
    Liberal File. Newspaper articles and hadwritten research notes. Labour and Race, Huddersfield labour - Apartheid and Race local, Labour Party and Commonwealth Immigration. Notes on General elections in 1959, 1963-1964,1966, ICY Liaison Committee, Labour and IWA, Primeminister's speach in Birmingham 1968 on Race Relations

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  • SCT/1/13

    IV b. Huddersfield Local Elections Pre 1969, Local Elections 1969-1970 Item

    Politics, Local Council, Elections pre 1970. Handwritten notes relating to local councillors and politics, factions within political parties, discussions on gipsy site, booklet on Conduct of Local elections,
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  • SCT/1/14

    V a. Huddersfield, General Election 1970 - Local Press. Item

    Summary of post- election written for "Race Today" printed July 1970. How the race issue influenced voting in this election. Field observations by Duncan Scott during the 1970 General Election .Newspaper cuttings and press handouts, Conservative manifesto, Labour manifesto, Liberal Party election pamphlets, and associated newspaper articles. Colne Valley candidate literature and newspaper articles dated up to 1972.
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  • SCT/1/15

    V b. Huddersfield General Election 1970 - Interviews Item

    Research notes, newspaper articles relating to meetings, demonstrations against Powell, The Conservative Party and the National Front, interviews with candidates, election pamphlets.
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  • SCT/1/16

    VI a. National/West Midlands - General Election 1970 Item

    File Elections - General , press Comment 1970. File containing newspaper articles, relating to Conservatives and Immigration/R.R. post 1970 General Election, newspaper articles, Labour ,Liberal , Communist mewspaper articles. Regional constituency reports, voting behaviour and general issues, Race as a factor in the Election,, candidate eletion pamphlet, correspondence with Urdu Advertiser, Bradford General election 1970 newspaper articles and candidate pamphlets, Leeds S.E. Labour and Conservative correspondence, handwritten research notes and newspape articles. The Coloured Electorate general newspaper articles election pamphlets. Fringe Right-wing candidatesnewspaper articles, research ntoes and liberal maazine June 1970. Race and the Election The Times Correspondent newspaper articles. Pre Election April23 - May 18th newspaper articles on mounting speculation pre announcement 18.5.1970. Irish and General election 1970 , the Irish Post and accompanying article. The Times June 1970 showing MP's elected to new ouse of Commons.

    File General Election 1970 - Midlands - Press comment n.b. see NF Election file for W. Brom 1973 election. N.F. Wolverhampton article 1969, Eectoral Material 1970, Report late 1970 and March, November 1970, newspaper articles and typed manuscripts.

    Loose collecion 1970 General election some post-mortems containing newspaper articles.
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  • SCT/1/17

    VI b. Enoch Powell 1968-1973 Item

    Newspaper articles relating to Mr. Enoch Powell, handwritten research notes.
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  • SCT/1/18

    VI c. Huddersfield/National: 1974 General Election Item

    Folder containing press cuttings relating to the General Election in 1974
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