Duncan Scott Archive
This collection contains research files and publications around Dr Duncan Scott's 1972 PhD thesis, "A Political Sociology of Minorities - The Impact of Coloured Immigrants on Local Politics". These files include newspaper cuttings, political pamphlets and publicity material and transcriptions of interviews done with members of the local community from across the political and ethnic spectrum. Audio tapes were lost many years ago.
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    Research Notes Series

    These files form the basis of the research for Scott's PhD thesis. They contain newspaper cuttings, notes and extracts from books, interview transcriptions with local people active across the political spectrum, copies of articles, conference notes and events from Huddersfield and the wider Yorkshire area, additionally sometimes from other parts of the country where race relations was a prominent local issue. This series includes a file list compiled by the depositor and a short guide to the research and the PhD written in the present time.
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    Publications Item

    1. Dissertation. A Political Sociologty of Minorities - The Impact of Coloured Immigrants on Local Politics. by Duncan W. Scott. Produced by Duncan W Scott in support of his PhD at Bristol University, Sociology Department. 31 March 1972.The central focus of the work is the emergence of a Pakistani Shopkeeper as an electoral candidate in the May 1970 municipal elections, of a Northern industrial town - Fettlerbridge ( a pseudonym, as are all other names related specifically to the town) The author had previously worked as a teacher in a secondary school near Fettlerbridge. He undertook a field-work period of 16 months engaged in participant observation from July 1969 to October 1970 .

    2. Guide to Dissertation by Duncan Scott, January 2014
    3. Guide to files
    4. 2 copies of Duty to Report? A Retrospective Case-Study of Field Research Dilemmas by Duncan Scott (2020)
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    Photographs Item

    62 Black and white photographs of a National Front march in Huddersfield in 1972. Also includes a CD of photographs taken during the research period of Scott's PhD research, including photographs of individuals and groups. Portraits, rallies, and demonstrations.
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