Slaithwaite Brass Band Archive
Scores used by Slaithwaite Brass Band and scores donated to Slaithwaite Brass Band by St. Hilda's Band which may have been used during competitions, performances or during 78 rpm recordings by St Hilda's Band.
  • SBB/SC

    Scores Series

    20th Century
    Scores used by Slaithwaite Brass Band. Including score for Merridale which was written specially for the band by Hayden Wood.
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  • SBB/SH

    St Hilda's Brass Band Scores Series

    Scores used by Slaithwaite Brass Band which were donated by St Hilda's Colliery Band, South Shields. Some scores may relate to the recordings made by St. Hildas's Band which included William Tell, Ida and Dot, Titania, Operamania and OHMS March or competition performances.
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