Post-Career Reminiscences
This series contains info on a college reunion at Leeds University for students on the health visitor course, plus an oral history interview conducted in her 90s, which covers her early life, training and the changes she had noted in the profession and the way it behaves during her career.
  • RWD/2/1

    Health Visitor Course Reunion Item

    A set of letters based on inviting students back to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the Health Visitors course. Includes details of the celebrations and those who attended events. Includes a celebratory programme of the days events and meal options.
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  • RWD/2/2

    Oral History Interview: Ruby Ward Item

    An oral history interview conducted on the 18/04/2007 at Eastmoor, Wakefield when Ruby was 95 years old. She talked about her early life, her training and nursing career, her experience of working in communities and her views on the changes to the profession between the 1950s and the 1970s. Total Length: 1:11.35, and total size: 98.2MB. Copyright and use documentation included. CD included in archive, also stored on archive department server.
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