Ward, Ruby Archive
These records were accumulated by Miss Ruby Ward during her career as a fever nurse, midwife and health visitor in the West Yorkshire area and further afield.

The first series contains records relating to her training and qualification as a nurse in different specialities. The books in the fouth series also relate to this period. The second series contains records relating to a later reunion of students on her course, and an oral history interview where she recounts her life and work. The supplementary material in the fourth series may have been gathered in research for this interview, or collected by Miss Ward, the exact provenance is unknown. The third series contains photographs from the time of her training with her nursing colleague.
  • RWD/1

    Training and Qualifications in Nursing and Midwifery Item

    This series reflects the records of Ruby Ward's training to be a nurse and her resulting qualifications. She began by training a fever nurse, later moving into midwifery and health visiting. It also includes reference letters relating to her performance in nursing in various roles.
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  • RWD/2

    Post-Career Reminiscences Item

    This series contains info on a college reunion at Leeds University for students on the health visitor course, plus an oral history interview conducted in her 90s, which covers her early life, training and the changes she had noted in the profession and the way it behaves during her career.
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  • RWD/3

    Photographs Item

    This series contains photographs of Ruby and her nursing colleagues througout her training.
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  • RWD/4

    Supplementary Material Item

    This series contains textbooks useful to the subject during training, and a file of magazine cuttings on the history of the profession and some of its challenges and successes.
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