Finance - Rugby Football League Archive
Records in this section relate to the Rugby Football League's function of managing its finances.

This section includes cash books, accounts, statistics, documents relating to pay, pension, insurance and tax.

This section does not include financial records relating to individual competitions or tours where they have previously been kept with other records relating to the organisation of the competition. These financial records have been maintained in their original order with the other competition records.
  • RFL/FN/1

    Financial analysis scrapbooks Series

    A series of scrapbooks containing newspaper cuttings relating to rugby league competitions and annotated with details of scores, attendances, receipts, weather, tv attendance and gross gates. These appear to have been created by the Rugby Football League to record or track tax payments.
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  • RFL/FN/2

    Financial analysis volumes Series


    Financial analysis volumes containing details of teams, attendance, gross gate receipts, weather, television coverage.
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  • RFL/FN/3

    Tour statistics Series

    Financial statistics for tours by year, includes opponents, venue, date, attendance, gross gate receipts, tax paid share paid to touring team [some records do not include all of these details].

    - statistics for tours by Australia to England and France 1937-1938

    - statistics for tours by Great Britain to Australasia and tours by Australia to New Zealand and Europe 1946-1982 (includes visual map representations for Great Britain tours to Australia and New Zealand)

    - statistics for tours by New Zealand to Great Britain 1947-1982

    - statistics for Australian tours 1949-1971

    - statistics for tours by France to Australia 1951-1964
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  • RFL/FN/4

    Wages books Series

    Five wages books for Rugby Football League head office staff
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  • RFL/FN/5

    Competition accounts Subfonds

    Accounts relating to rugby league competitions

    - Match financial accounts (various competitions and levels) 1949-1959

    - Volume: test match ticket sales 1975-1988
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  • RFL/FN/6

    Competition cash books Series

    Competition cash books

    - Wembley cash book 1967-1979

    - cash book Wembley 1967, also contains photograph of L Jordan

    - 2 cash books, appears to be A team competitions 1970s-1990s
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  • RFL/FN/7

    Competition statistics Series

    Competition statistics

    - Telegram relating to gate receipts shares for a match between England and Wales 1937

    - Financial statistics for the Great Britain vs Australia 1997 test series, 1994 Great Britain vs Australia test series, 1996 Premiership Final, Challenge Cup Final 1998
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  • RFL/FN/8

    British Playing Fields Society financial records Subfonds

    British Playing Fields Society financial records

    - British Playing Field Society Revenue Accounts 1930-1972

    - British Playing Fields Society cash book 1974-1979
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  • RFL/FN/9

    Northern Rugby Football Union Mutual Insurance Society records Subfonds

    Northern Rugby Football Union Mutual Insurance Society records

    - Minutes of the Northern Rugby Football Union Mutual Insurance Society 1910-1939
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  • RFL/FN/10

    Records relating to the impact of Entertainment Duty on finances Subfonds

    Records relating to the impact of Entertainment Duty on finances

    Rugby Football League memorandum: Entertainment Duty – Impact on Finances of Clubs January 1953 [The date appears to be incorrect, likely to be January 1954 - David Gronow 2012]; a 17 page memorandum ‘to reveal the effects of the increased rates of Entertainment Duty on the finances of professional RL clubs’

    - Annual General Meeting documents from various professional clubs 1952/53 collected as evidence for the above memorandum: Batley (year ended 30/04/53); Barrow (year ended 31/05/53); Bradford Northern (year ended 30/06/53); Doncaster (year ended 30/04/53); Halifax (year ended 30/04/53); Huddersfield (year ended 30/04/53); Leigh (year ended 30/04/53); Liverpool (year ended 31/05/53); Oldham (year ended 31/03/53); Salford (year ended 31/05/53); St Helens (year ended 15/05/53); Swinton (year ended 30/06/53); Warrington (year ended 31/05/53)

    - Documents relating to the impact of entertainment duty 1950s
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