Community Relations - Rugby Football League Archive
Records in this section represent the Rugby Football League's function of maintaining relations with the wider rugby league community.

This section includes records relating to United Kingdom rugby league clubs and their associated bodies (including supporters associations), Rugby Football League Year Books, records relating to the UK record Keepers Associated, records relating to the Community Game, records relating to the British Lions Association, records relating to rugby union, and records relating to a number of international and overseas rugby league bodies.

This section also includes records relating to the Rugby Football League's corporate social responsibility programmes, records relating to honours and awards, and records relating to centrally managed participation and development programmes.
  • RFL/CR/1

    UK rugby league clubs and associated bodies Subfonds

    Records generated by UK rugby league clubs and their associated bodies such as supporters clubs and record keepers clubs. Records include club histories and anniversary publications, programmes and brochures for testimonial matches and other one-off matches not associated with a particular competition, copies of team statistics from the UK Record Keepers Club, club year books,club annual general meeting records, club annual reports, special programmes and brochures for cup finals published by individual clubs, fanzines, supporter's club magazines.

    It is recognised that individual clubs play an important role producing programmes for home games of competitions and have a long history of doing so. However, for consistency within the catalogue, programmes relating to competitions (rather than to testimonial, benefit or charity matches) have been stored and listed with other records relating to competitions under RFL/CM.
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  • RFL/CR/2

    Rugby Football League Year Books Series

    Also known as Official Guide Books or Official Guides.

    These books were produced annually and provide a useful reference guide of information about the Rugby Football League and its organisation including: past chairmen, committees, members of the Rugby Football League, bye-laws, standing orders, disciplinary committee rules, Challenge Cup competition rules, agreement with the Football Association, management committee, clubs in membership, Cumberland county league, Lancashire county league, Yorkshire county league, District leagues, referees, international league and cup records, fixtures, laws of the game, club colours, grounds, club contact details.
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  • RFL/CR/3

    Rugby League Record Keepers' Club Subfonds

    Records created by or relating to the Rugby League Record Keepers' Club
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  • RFL/CR/4

    Community Game Subfonds

    Records in this section relate to the Rugby Football League's role in the administration of the community game and its communication with the community game's associations and governing bodies. This includes amateur rugby league organised by the British Amateur Rugby League Association, universities, student and schools rugby league.
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  • RFL/CR/5

    British Rugby League Lions Association Subfonds

    Records relating to the British Rugby League Lions Association.
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  • RFL/CR/6

    International Bodies and Clubs Subfonds

    Records relating to the Rugby Football League's relationship with international governing bodies and clubs.
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  • RFL/CR/7

    Corporate social responsibility programmes Subfonds

    Records relating to Rugby Football League corporate social responsibility programmes.
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  • RFL/CR/8

    Rugby union Subfonds

    Records relating to the Rugby Football League's relationship with rugby union.
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  • RFL/CR/9

    Honours and awards Subfonds

    Records relating to honours and awards given by the Rugby Football League.
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  • RFL/CR/10

    Central participation and development programmes Subfonds

    Records relating to central participation and development programmes

    - File: Correspondence regarding the expansion of rugby league in Britain 1970s-1980s

    - The Central Council of Physical Recreation, Report of the tenth National Conference of Sport and Recreation 1981

    - The Central Council of Physical Recreation, Report of the eleventh National Conference of Sport and Recreation 1982

    - Report: The actual and potential supporter of Rugby League by Dr PM Williamson on behalf of the Rugby Football League December 1987.

    - Report on the development of rugby league, by Brendan Clark as part of his undergraduate degree attachment to the Rugby Football League c1987

    - House of Commons Culture Media and Sport Committee Second Report The Future of Professional Rugby 9 December 1999
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