Rugby League - Heritage Reference Material
This subfonds contains records retained by the Rugby Football League primarily for the purposes of historical reference. Some of these records were created within the Rugby Football League organisation, others appear to have been deliberately collected by the Rugby Football League as heritage reference items.
  • RFL/AV/4/1

    Dissertations, academic papers and articles on the history of rugby league Subfonds

    Dissertations and academic papers written on the subject of rugby league:

    Rugby League in Wartime - John R Schleppi (University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio 45469, USA)

    A History of Rugby League with Special Regard to Players’ Unions and Associations - Paul Elliott (A Dissertation submitted for the Special Honours Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Economic and Social History) April 1991

    Analysis of the Finances within the Game of Rugby League - RA Irving (Part Fulfilment for Attainment of the Qualification Master of Arts in Business Analysis at Lancaster University) 7 September 1983

    The Early History of Rugby League on the Fylde Coast (mainly Fleetwood Rugby Club)
    - includes Fleetwood playing records 1896-97, 1898-99, 1899-1900, also Blackpool playing records 1897-98. (author not specified, report not dated)

    An Historical and Sociological Study of Rugby League in Wales - Sean Turner (South Glamorgan Institute of Higher Education (not dated)

    A Select Bibliography on Rugby League - Jacqueline Pemberton (not dated)

    ‘The Work and Play Principle’, The Professional Regulations of the Northern Rugby Football Union - 1898-1905
    (Paul Greenhalgh) - Peter Haigh (not dated)

    A Dissertation on Rugby League (Written in German Language) (not dated)

    An Investigation into the Reasons for the Fall-Off in Attendances at Rugby League Matches from 1960 to the Present, with Recommendations to Increase the Games’ Popularity (c1975) Gary Hetherington (Doncaster College of Education, Physical Education Special Study)

    The Demand for Football in England and Scotland - Peter JWN Bird (Dept of Economics, University of Scotland, Stirling)

    The Demand for Rugby League Football - Forecasting Attendances at League Matches -
    Cyril William Elliott, BSc (Submitted in Partial Fulfilment of the Master of Arts Degree in Business Analysis, Sept 1983) University of Lancaster, School of Management and Organisational Sciences

    Bibliography of rugby league 1980

    A Social History of Rugby League Football with special reference to South Lancashire in the Interwar years - Paul S Wright B.A. (Hons) History, Lancashire Polytechnic, May 1988

    Photocopy of article: 'Games of two halves' on the history of rugby (league and union), Huw Richards, BBC History magazine, March 2004

    Some Distant Memory: A complete History of the Rugby League European Championship. by Graham Sparks
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  • RFL/AV/4/2

    Art, cinema and literature Subfonds

    Records relating to rugby league as featured in art, cinema and literature:

    Where's George?' film exhibitors campaign 1935

    Rhyming 'Alphabet of Rugby League' by A Temple 1963-1964

    Theatre programme, Meir Youth and Community Centre 'Castleford Sevens for the Autumn Trophy' 1988

    Reproductions of early 20th century cartoons of rugby league [c1990s]

    Prints featuring rugby league with the following titles: A loose scrimmage; Partisanship; Stanley Berkeley; Sorry I missed; Scrummage [early 20th century], two prints from the same series without titles showing matches in progress; 7 items

    Rugby league tea towel feturing images of rugby league trophies, caps and logos, also all-time records [c1980s-c1990s]
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  • RFL/AV/4/3

    Correspondence relating to historical enquiries Subfonds

    Tony Collins' correspondence largely relating to queries received regarding the history of Rugby League. Also includes correspondence regarding deposits, some information on the World Cup trademark, and proposals for a rugby league museum.
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  • RFL/AV/4/4

    Rugby Football League history reference library Subfonds

    20th century
    Rugby Football League history reference library - books relating to the history of rugby league

    unknown: 80 years of Rugby League: Saddleworth Rangers the story so far

    Ashton, Eric: Glory in the Centre Spot, Scratching Shed, Leeds, 2009, 9780956007544, Paperback, 205 pages, 216x137, New edition of 1966-03 with introduction by Ray French, also incorporating transcript of interview with Ashton recorded in 2006, Ashton's 1969 testimonial brochure and pieces by Dave Hadfield and Denis Whittle

    Bancroft, James W: The Rorke's Drift Test, Bancroft Publishing .com, 2014, Paperback, 32 pages, 210/290, Commemorative booklet clebrating the centenary of the match between British Lions and Australia in 1914

    Cook, Terry: Not much of a player, Terry Cook, Javea, Spain, 2012, Paperback, 150 pages, XIII Essays on Rugby League

    Dale, Mitchell (Ed): Darren Lockyer: Life of a legend, ACP Magazines, Sydney, 2000, Special edition of Rugby League Week

    Darbon, Sebastien: Une Breve Histoire du Rugby, L'oeil, Paris, 2007, 978-2-915543-16-2, Paperback, 147 pages, 105x210, In French

    Doyle, Gerry: Nursery of Champions, Illawarra Rugby League Centenary Committee, Illawarra, 2011, Paperback, 120 pages, 270x210, "Creating 100 years of Rugby League in the Illawarra 1911-2011"

    Dewhirst, John: Room at The Top. volume three of the series History Revisited. a Bantampast publication.The origins of professional football in Bradford and the rivalry of Bradford FC and Manningham FC.

    Dewhirst, John: Life At the Top. volume Four of the Series History Revisited, a bantampast publication.The rivalry of Manningham FC and Bradford FC and their conversion from rugby to soccer.

    Farrar, Dave and Lush, Peter, with O’Hare, Michael: Touch and Go, A History of Professional Rugby League in London, London League Publications, 1995. Paperback, 372 pages.

    Fletcher, Raymond and Howes, David: Rothmans Rugby League Yearbook, Rothmans Publications Ltd. 1st Year 1981-82. 2nd Year 1982-83. 3rd Year 1983-84. 4th Year 1984-85. 5th Year 1985-86. 6th Year 1986-87. 7th Year 1987-88. 8th Year 1988-89. 9th Year 1989-90. 10th Year 1990-91. 11th Year 1991-92. 12th Year 1992-93. 13th Year 1993-94. 15th Year 1995-96. 16th Year 1996. 19th Year 1999.

    Hadfield, Dave: Learning Curve: The Remarkable Story of Student Rugby League, Scratching Shed Publishing Ltd., Leeds, 2013, 9780956804389, Paperback, 253 pages, 217x139

    Hinchliffe, David: They Walked on Water: The Untold Story of Wembley 1968, Scratching Shed Publishing Ltd., Leeds, 2013, 978-0957559318, Paperback, 212 pages, 217x139, Title page signed by author

    Mazon, Guy: Bioussa En XIII, ANAT, Perpignan, 2008, 9872855775314, Paperback, 136+ pages, 206x147, "The Enigma of French Rugby League". Despite the French title, this book is in English. ISBN is as printed in the book [probably should be 978-].

    Palmer, Tom: The Last Try, Kingston Press, Hull, 2014, 978-1-902039-25-1, Paperback, 68 pages, 148x210, Based on records a fictional account of the life of Jack Harrison VC, Hull FC rugby player

    Pocock, Tony (Ed.): British Coal The Rugby League Yearbook, 1991-92, The Kingswood Press, 1991. 4th Year. Paperback, 224 pages.

    de la Riviere, Richard: Rugby League: A Critical History 1980-2013, League Productions Ltd., Brighouse, 2013, 978-1-901347-27-2, Paperback, 304 pages, 232x152, Title page signed by author.

    SeTo publishing, The Lighter Side of Rugby League, New Zealand, 1989, 48 pages

    Tedeschi, Nick: Chasing Greatness, The Slattery Media Group, Australia, 2012, 9781921778445(hbk.), hardback, 176 pages, 130x207mm, Words of Wisdom from Rugby League Icons

    Unsworth/Mullaney/Mallin/Birchall, Ray/Michael/Dave/Derek: Coalopolis to Pie Eaters, Wigan & Leigh Schools RL, Wigan, 2009, Stapled, 40 pages, 296x208, "A Celebration of 100 Years of Schools Rugby League" in Wigan. A colourful brochure.

    Vautin, Paul and Raper, Johnny: Fatty and Chook, Laughing at League, Lester-Townsend Publishing Pty Ltd, 1990. Hardback, 176 pages.

    Williamson, John: Football's Forgotten Tour, John Williamson, Australia, 2003, Paperback, 238 pages, 169x244, The story of the British Australian rules venture of 1888.

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