Rugby League - Heritage Projects
This subfonds consists of records relating to heritage projects organised by the rugby league, including the Rugby League Hall of Fame display, plans for a rugby league museum, reproductions for display, publications and information on the history of rugby league, one off events and commissions for commemorating anniversaries.
  • RFL/AV/3/1

    Rugby League Hall of Fame Series

    Records relating to the establishment of the Rugby League Hall of Fame:

    Booklet: Rugby League Hall of Fame - features photographs of the displays and profiles of those inducted into the Hall of Fame 1989 [2copies]

    Photograph album featuring the Rugby League Hall of Fame display [c1988-1989]

    File: Hall of Fame nominations, photographs, correspondence, press cuttings, and 1988 Hall of Fame Challenge Match programme 2000

    File: Hall of Fame Inventory of items on display at Red Hall and list of trophies in the cellar; also includes provenance information and loan agreements for some items; plus information on players, and press cuttings. 1988-2000

    File relating to the launch of the Hall of Fame; also correspondence relating to donation of programmes; and correspondence relating to rugby league films 1980s-1990s

    six caps of varying ages and design [Tony Collins suggested these were displayed in the Hall of Fame]

    Navy blue cap with Silver embroidery and lion crest [Tony Collins suggested this was displayed in the Hall of Fame]

    Mitre Boots 1980s [can be seen on display in a photograph in RFL/AV3/2]

    Photographs of players in the Hall of Fame (reproductions) [c1990s]

    Oversize reproduction photographs of players in the Hall of Fame (in Hall of Fame mounts): Alex Murphy, Billy Boston, Billy Batten, Jim Sullivan, Harold Wagstaff, Gus Risman, Jonty Parkin, Brian Bevan, Albert Rosenfeld [c1990s]
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  • RFL/AV/3/2

    Rugby league museum proposals and plans Series

    Records relating to proposals to form a national Rugby League Museum (these proposals were not carried out):

    2 files: National Rugby League Experience consortium 2000

    Leaflet: New Widnes Waterfront Vision, A Gateway Development for the North West. [2003]

    Letter from Halton Borough Council with questionnaire regarding regeneration of southern Widnes. 2003

    Halton Borough Council Proposal for The National Rugby League Museum in Widnes' c1999

    Wembley Twin Towers Opportunity at Venture Fields, Widnes'. Images showing proposed site and elevations - linked to plan for a National Rugby League Museum in Widnes. c1999

    File relating to bids to form a national Rugby League Museum including photographs of the Rugby League Hall of Fame display. Also contains provenance information regarding Jim Sullivan items. 1999-2000
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  • RFL/AV/3/3

    Reproduction posters Series

    Nine reproduction posters, the originals appear to date from the late-19th to early 20th century. It is not known what these posters were produced for but it is assumed that they were purchased for a heritage event or project, some appear in photographs of the Rugby League Hall of Fame:

    Reproduction poster advertising 'The "Swinton" Ball'

    Reproduction poster advertising a Northern Rugby Union match at Headingly, Leeds - British Tourists vs English Colonials

    Reproduction poster advertising Fattorini & Sons Ltd

    Reproduction poster advertising Zam-Buk balm (endorsement by the Australian Northern Union Rugby Football Team)

    Reproduction poster advertising Tyldesley & Holbrook suppliers of clothing for sports

    Reproduction poster advertising the Grosvenor Hotel, Manchester, Lancashire Headquarters of the Northern Rugby Union

    Reproduction poster advertising John Weiss & Son knee cap

    Reproduction poster advertising Wills & Co athletic goods manufacturers

    Reproduction poster advertising Manfield's football boots
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  • RFL/AV/3/4

    Reproduction Baines cards Series

    Reproductions of Baines cards, which were produced in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

    Anglo Australian F. Team - In Memoriam (Robert Lionel) Bob Seddon, Capt.

    Barrow - George Edgar Hughes


    Bradford to the Front - Jenkinson, Ward and Wilson

    Bramley - Myers

    Castleford - G Nowell

    Play Up Dewsbury - Jackson

    Well Won Dewsbury - wiliam James Wood "Buller" Stadden

    Good Old Halifax, Good Old Firth

    Play Up Halifax - Archie Rigg

    Play Up Lancashire, Lancashire's Fairest Flower

    Play Up Leigh - (Tom) Anderton

    Play Up Liversedge - S Priestley

    Good Old Liversedge - (Henry "Harry") Varley

    Plau Up Oldham - H(enry "Harry") Varley

    Play Up Oldham = W(illiam "Billy") McCutcheon

    Well Kicked Otley St. Joseph's

    Salford - Heath

    Salford - Jones

    Salterhebble = Naylor, half back.

    Play Up Swinton - H Case

    Well Played Swinton - (H) Case

    Play Up Swinton - T Rothwell
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  • RFL/AV/3/5

    Historical publications and information Series

    Correspondence and publications relating to the history of rugby league:

    Jubilee Souvenir (hard back) 1946

    The Rugby Football League Jubilee Souvenir 1946 (written and compiled by Stanley Chadwick) [paperback]

    Tony Collins' file containing publications relating to the history of Rugby League 1985-1995

    Typed notes on the history of names and nicknames of Rugby League clubs 1984

    Typed documents and press cuttings relating to various rugby league club histories 1950s-1960s

    Folder of material relating to rugby league history - typed documents and manuscript notes
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  • RFL/AV/3/6

    Wooden plaques Series

    Wooden plaques commemorating events and organisations

    Crest on wooden plaque '4 armoured workshop reme'

    Wooden plaque for the Cumberland Rugby Football League

    Wooden plaque for the Lancashire Rugby Football League

    Wooden plaque for the Yorkshire Rugby Football League

    Wooden plaque 'The British Rugby League Lions Association Tours 75 Years Australia 1985'

    Wooden plaque 'Rugby Football League Senior Referee'

    Wooden plaque 'British Rugby League Lions Association Australia 1980'

    Great Britain Rugby League - wooden plaque with ceramic disc featuring stylised lion's head
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  • RFL/AV/3/7

    'Touchdown' musical score Item

    'Touchdown' - score and music cards for a march for wind band dedicated to Rugby League Football composed by Aubrey Beswick
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  • RFL/AV/3/8

    Invitation to fiftieth anniversary dinner Item

    19 November 1946
    Invitation to William Fallowfield to a dinner to commemorate fifty years of Rugby League, Belle Vue Manchester
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  • RFL/AV/3/9

    Centenary plaque Item

    Wood mounted brass plaque reading 'Rugby League Centenary 1895-1995'
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  • RFL/AV/3/10

    Watercolour paintings of rugby league players Series

    Watercolour paintings of rugby league players: Bobby Fulton, Ernest Ward, Neil Fox, Reg Gasnier, Roger Millward, Clive Churchill, Harold Wagstaff
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