Rugby League - Player and Administrator Collections
Collections donated by players and administrators of rugby league.
  • RFL/AV/1/1

    Joe Brittain Collection Series

    A collection of photographs, press cuttings, clothing, scrapbook, medal, letters, menus and programme formerly belonging to Joe Brittain.
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  • RFL/AV/1/10

    William Fallowfield Collection Series

    Selection card and tankard formerly belonging to William Fallowfield.
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  • RFL/AV/1/11

    Gus Risman Collection Series

    Collection of clothing formerly belonging to Gus Risman.
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  • RFL/AV/1/12

    Julia Lee Collection Series

    This collection consists of scrapbooks primarily relating to Hull and Hull KR rugby league teams. They were created by Julia Lee, who was rugby league's first female referee to be qualified to referee professional matches in England and Australia, and members of her family before being donated to the Rugby Football League Board around 2004-2005 (provenance information received verbally from Tony Collins).
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  • RFL/AV/1/13

    Albert Rosenfeld Collection Series

    Albert Rosenfeld's New South Wales cap
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  • RFL/AV/1/14

    Mark Harris Collection Series

    Mark Harris' (Australia) 1977 World Cup Shirt No. 5
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  • RFL/AV/1/15

    Joe Lydon Collection Series

    Joe Lydon's (Great Britain) 1992 World Cup Shirt and runners up medal in presentation box
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  • RFL/AV/1/16

    H H Waller Collection Series

    Henry (Harry) Hirst Waller's Brighouse cap. HH Waller chaired the meeting on 29 August 1895 which led to the split of rugby from one code and the formation of a Northern Union. He was the Union's first president.
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  • RFL/AV/1/17

    Jack Harding Collection Subfonds

    The Jack Harding Collection consists of a mixture of records collected and created by Jack Harding. Some have been created during his time as Chair and Vice-Chair of the Rugby Football League Council, others during his time as chairman of Leigh Rugby League Football Club, others have been collected in a personal capacity as a rugby league supporter.

    The records include tour reports, correspondence, press cuttings, programmes, tickets, menus, business cards, invitations, photographs, commercial publications, tour souvenirs, and other miscellaneous objects.
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  • RFL/AV/1/18

    Ernest Ward Collection Series

    A collection of shirts and documents formerly belonging to Ernest Ward and donated to the Rugby Football League by his family.
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