Phyllis Tate Archive
Items relating to the composer Phyllis Tate donated by Celia Frank, Phyllis Tate's daughter. The collection is currently uncatalogued, but includes:

-61 MP3 audio files of music by Phyllis Tate. The works include: orchestral music; instrumental and chamber music; music for voice and instruments; major choral works; operas; music for schools and young people.
- 1 DVD recording of the BBC TV Opera "Dark Pilgrimage" by Phyllis Tate (digital copy transferred to archive servers).
- 36 envelopes containing records and information (reviews, programmes, newspaper cuttings) relating to individual compositions by Phyllis Tate.
- 45 songs sheet music booklets for songs arranged by Phyllis Tate and published by Oxford University Press as part of The Oxford Choral Songs series.
- 2 files containing magazine articles about Phyllis Tate and her work.
- 1 manuscript unpublished score of "Duende" by Phyllis Tate (Celia Frank believes this may be an original draft for P Tate's work "Invasion")
- 1 score of "St Martha & The Dragon" by Phyllis Tate.
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    Records relating to individual compositions Series

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  • PTA/2

    Sheet Music booklets Series

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  • PTA/3

    Magazines and booklets relating to Phyllis Tate Series

    20th Century
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  • PTA/4

    Manuscript score of opera 'Invasion' Series

    mid 20thc
    Possibly original draft
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  • PTA/5

    Full Score of 'St Martha and the Dragon' Series

    Nov 1976
    Commissioned by the Barnet and District Choral Society with funds provided by the Arts Council of Great Britain. Intro page says: A dramatic legend set to music for narrator, soprano and tenor soloists. Chorus, children's chorus and chamber orchestra. Po
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