Material collected by the Patrick Stewart Research Library [and possibly also The International Audience Alliance for Patrick Stewart]
The International Audience Alliance for Patrick Stewart was an officially sanctioned fan club, active by 1990 until the late 1990s.
it was associated with the Patrick Stewart Research Library located in a domestic home in West Islip, New York which was a volunteer, non-profit, fan-run resource started in 1996. The Library was a reference resource freely open by appointment, and offered photocopying and audio/visual listening/viewing facilities for the purposes of "public outreach and education regarding theatre arts and the career of actor Patrick Stewart"

The IAAPS and the PSRL collected and made available "unique photographs, unusual theatrical memorabilia, many newspaper and magazine articles, as well as numerous video and audio tapes of Mr. Stewart's work in stage, screen, television and radio", as stated on a flyer of 1996.
  • PSA/A/11

    Material relating to "Artwork and Posters" Item

    late 20th cent.
    Artwork and photograph posters backed on cardboard for stage performances.

    Star Trek
    1 roll - Star Trek and Star Trek the Next Generation posters and combination of the series.
    1 roll - First Contact, Insurrection, Nemesis posters.
    1 roll - Nemesis, First Contact.
    1 roll - Nemesis.
    1 roll - Star Trek Voyager.
    1 roll - Star Trek the Next Generation.
    1 roll - Nemesis, Generations, First Contact.
    1 roll - First Contact - early poster
    1 roll - Star Trek Nemesis artwork for vehicles and sub craft

    Other films
    1 roll - X Men, X2, X Men Last Stand, Star Trek/X Men combined poster.
    1 roll - Dad Savage, Jeffrey, Mastermind.
    1 roll - The Ride down Mt. Morgan, Othelo, The Tempest, Macbeth, Byron's Hebrew Melodies, Shylock Shakespeare's Alien.
    1 roll - Everyboy deserves favour includes shooting sihouettes and letter of authenticity, Patrick Stewart and children photograph, Christmas Carol Posters, George Sumner art posters. Poor Bitos poster, drawing from Patrick Stewart caravan on Moby Dick.
    1 roll - Tales from the Script, Discover the feeling learn to read, the Loving Voyage: Shakespeare and Marriage.
    1 roll - Hennessy, Hedda, In Character: Actors Acting, Patrick Stewart photograph for In Character, Vanity Fair photograph.
    1 envelope - Christmas Carol posters, 2005

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  • PSA/A/12

    Press Cuttings Item

    Clippings from newspapers of Patrick Stewart reviews in British and American newspapers and magazines.

    2 photocopies of sections of books: Shakespeare in the theatre, Ch.9 Antike Romans; Peter Brook and Shakespeare - Interview with Patrick Stewart.
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  • PSA/A/13

    Commercial VHS Tapes Series

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  • PSA/A/14

    Domestic VHS Recordings Series

    20th cent.
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  • PSA/A/15

    Press Materials Series

    20th cent.
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  • PSA/A/16

    Tape Reels Series

    20th cent.
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  • PSA/A/17

    Voice-over and Narration Item

    20th cent.
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  • PSA/A/18

    Professional VHS Tapes Series

    20th cent.
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  • PSA/A/19

    Personal VHS Tapes Series

    20th cent.
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  • PSA/A/20

    Commercial DVDs Series

    20th cent.
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