Binders of Magazines and Comic Books PSA/A/9

Dated 1984-

Extent: 13 files

A file of Cinefantastique magazine (1984-1992) relating to Dune and Star Trek: TNG.
3 files of Starlog magazine (1984-1992) feauturing interviews with the cast and behind the scenes news
1 file of magaines (1991-1994 )creating Star Trek commemorative issues for the films and series.
3 files of Star Trek: The Next Generation magazine (1987-1993)

4 files of Stargazer magazine (1988-1994), the magazine of the IAAPS. One folder is an index of the publication.
1 file of Star Trek: : The official fan club Magazine
Loose magazines: The Call Sheet, British Heritage, American Theatre, Starburst, New Statesman.

DC Comic books for Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation: Star Trek comics 1-80 (incomplete); 4 issue miniseries Star Trek Modala Imperative; 7x Star Trek comic books; 6x Star Trek Next Generation comic books; Star Trek Next Generation issue 1 comic; 5x assorted Star Trek comics.

2 boxes: assorted television listing magazines, science fiction magazines, star trek magazines, a variety of magazines covering entertainment, hollywood news, films of all kinds with articles about Patrick Stewart mainly in Star Trek and some X Files and other films and television.

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