Binders of material relating to "Charity work" PSA/A/7

Dated 1977-2000

Extent: 5 files

2 numbered files relating to performances, recitals, education workshops and fundraisers for ACTER (American Centre for Theatre, Education and Research) of which Patrick Stewart was President, 1993 (1977-1993) also an unnumbered file relating to Wooing, Wedding and Repenting (both of these have either been staged as workshops or fundraising performances for ACTER, also Shylock. 2 letters seeking support for the foundation.

1 unnumbered file relating to work for Amnesty International features advertising material, interviews, press cuttings, live chat transcripts, remarks and speeches promoting the work of Amnesty (1993-98). Includes some leaflets advertising the Patrick Stewart Scholarship (1996)

1 unnumbered file relating to the Save the Rose campaign (the Rose Theatre, SouthBank, London). Features press releases, information about the theatre and fundraising materials to be used in the US. DPA ALERT!

1 unnumbered file related to fundraising work with the Whale Conservation Institute. Features press cuttings, interviews and fundraising events materials (1990s)

1 envelope of Patrick Stewart Human Rights Scholarship leaflets.

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