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  • NL/4/1

    Election Items - General Item

    Blank nomination form for the election of urban district councillors.

    List of recognised offices across West Yorkshire

    Standing Orders for executive committees and general committees

    Letter send by the county councillor informing households of the abolishment of the County Council

    Statutory Instrument form No. 447, 1974. Contains 'The Local Government (Allowances) Regulations 1974'

    Local Government Act 1974. Part III: Local Complaints.
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  • NL/4/2

    Election Items - Labour Item

    Collection of 'Vote Labour' flyers from 1945-1989

    Collection of local Labour Party magazines

    The Labour Party Policy statement

    Letter from the Secretary Agent regarding new election candidates

    Procedure for the selection of candidates for Yorkshire Regional Council of the Labour Party 1976

    4 letters relating to the selection of candidates for the district elections 1982.

    2 letters relating to the re-organisation of member branches, 1981
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  • NL/4/3

    Election Items - Conservative Item

    Collection of 'Vote Conservative' flyers from 1972-1990
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  • NL/4/4

    Election Items - Liberal Item

    Collection of 'Vote Liberal' flyers, some date 1973 and 1975, but most dates unknown.

    A copy of the 1982 Kirklees Liberal Manifesto

    8 editions of the Liberal magazine, 'Focus'. 1 dated 1987
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  • NL/4/5

    Election Items - Independant Item

    Gladys L. Mallinson candidate for Kirkburton Urban District Counil Election. 1951.

    Independent candidates A. Manby and G. Rushforth for Kirklees District Council, 1973.

    Paddock ward councillor, Molly Mathieson for Kirklees council elections. Date unknown.
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  • NL/4/6

    Election Items - Other Parties Item

    Flyer for 'Vote Workers Revolutionary Party'

    2 Flyers for 'Vote Communist'

    Flyer for 'Vote Green Party', 1992.
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