Newspaper Clippings NL/3

Dated 1919-1974

Extent: 1 folder

Blue TSB bank wallet containing cuttings
- Picture titled: School's £1m extensions open
- Picture of some of the winners who took honours in the Huddersfield Bowling Association tournament. 31 October 1981.
- Small mention of a Mr Frank Hackett's retirement.
- Article titled, 'Mrs Hackett will go to town'. Noting Mrs Hackett being chosen as a member of a deputation to go to the House of Commons.
- Article titled, 'Mrs Hackett sees Mr Mabane' to discuss housing issues.

Photocopy from Huddersfield Examiner, 10 April 1974. 'Finance Chief Answers Rate Critics'.

Article titled 'Tories blamed for rate rises'.

Tribute in the Daily Herald, 16 April 1951, to Ernie Bevin.

Page from the Huddersfield Daily Examiner, 6 May 1983. Results of Kirklees council elections.

Page from 'The Worker', 27 September 1919. Various articles.

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