Huddersfield Labour Party - Noreen Logan
One black leather folder containing various loose items, account books, membership cards and letters belonging to Noreen Logan.
  • NL/1/1

    Huddersfield Labour Party Official Documents Item

    Councillors' allowances facts and figures sheet. A list of 13 question and answers on councillors allowances. Dated June 1974.

    Huddersfield and Kirkburton Central, discussion paper No. 1. Critically examines clause VI of the party's constitution.

    Huddersfield East constitution. Includes clauses I, IV, VI, IX, X, XII, XIII, and XIV. Dated 14 July 1975.

    Letter addressed to 'all branch secretaries in Kirkburton Ward'. Regards subscriptions to the Kirkburton ward membership. Dated January 1976.

    List of secretaries of Huddersfield and Kirkburton Central Labour Party. Dated March 1975.

    Report from Mrs N. Gresham on the general election 1974.

    List of candidates for the 1982 district council elections.

    Copy of the 'Model Rules for Constituency Labour Parties'.

    Letter from the examiner, addressed to Clr. E. Stancliffe. Contains a blank 'who's who' form, asking the reader to complete and return.

    A list of costs of room hires around the Kirklees area. Dated 1 April 1975 - 1 June 1975.
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  • NL/1/2

    Huddersfield Labour Party Account Books Item

    A Huddersfield and Upper Agbrigg, Trustee savings book. Dates December 1966 - Mar 1976.

    A TSB savings book. Dates May 1796 - Aug 1978.

    Account book containing membership payments divided into dates, then men and women. Also contains loose pages of incomes and expenditures. Dates 1964-1980
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  • NL/1/3

    Huddersfield Labour Party Publications Item

    A booklet entitled, 'A Guide to Public Speaking' by Harold Croft. Published by the Labour Party, 1955.

    Booklet titled, 'How to Build up the Postal Vote'.

    Leaflet, 'So You Want to Change Society? What are you doing about it?' 2 copies.

    Leaflet, 'Labour Weekly. Blast off Oct 1st'. Advertising a new Labour Newspaper, launching Friday October 1, 1971.

    Booklet, 'The Labour Party and You: A new guide for members'. Contains a series of leaflets, introducing the Labour Party. 1979.
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  • NL/1/4

    Huddersfield Labour Party Membership Cards Item

    Membership cards and forms, from 1969-1981.

    1 blank membership form.

    1 Booklet titles, 'The Labour Party: Constitution and Rules for Constituency Labour Parties and Local Labour Parties in County Constituencies'. Information for new members. Printed 1956.
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  • NL/1/5

    Huddersfield Labour Party Letters Item

    Letter addressed to N Logan, from the Divisional Education Officer, regarding Kirkheaton Primary school accommodation and transferring a temporary classroom from the C of E infant school. Dated 21 July 1972.

    Letter addressed to 'all branch secretaries' from Noreen Logan. Regarding J.P.W.Mallalieu meetings. Dated Jan 1976.

    Letter to N Logan, thanking her for her work for the 1974 election. Dated 8 March 1974.

    Letter addressed to Nellie Logan, thanking her for help with the 1972 election, and noting the disappointment of the result. 9 March 1972.

    Letter of thanks to N Logan for her help in the 1974 election. 6 March 1974.

    Letter addressed to Noreen Logan, thanking her for her letter about a gas leak. Dated 10 September 1974.

    2 Letters relating to the continuing use of the Kirkheaton Cricket and Bowling Club facilities. Dated 13 December 1974.

    Handwritten letter thanking Noreen Logan for her work for 'Safe to work effort'. Dated December 1974.

    Candidate form admitting Noreen Logan to the counting of the votes at the Local Government Election.

    Confirmation letter to Noreen Logan, nominating her as a candidate for the District Council Election 1973.

    Unflattering card sent to N Logan, dated 1974. Card seems to mock her appearance and inside is written 'keep trying'. Unsigned.
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  • NL/1/6

    Huddersfield Labour Party Official Documents Item

    20th cent.
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