Materials and Costings for Orrisdale, Long Lane, Dalton, Huddersfield
Materials and costings for Orrisdale from Norman Culley. Includes contract. delivery note, advice note, time sheet, costings, quote and letters
  • NCY/6/1

    Contract from Norman Culley relating to construction of a property on Long Lane Item

    6 May 1909
    Bill No 8. 3 handwritten pages specifying materials to be used. Costings column blank
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  • NCY/6/2

    Advice note from Calder Dixon and Co. Ltd. to Mr. Ward Item

    13 Aug 1909
    Advice note itemises various Posts & Rails, with sizes, totalling of £14.6.9. Receipted as paid.
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  • NCY/6/3

    Letter from Norman Culley to Mr. Ward Item

    2 Sep 1909
    Responding to a letter from Mrs Ward regarding items wanted for the house such as tiles, firegrate, shelves, china cupboard etc.
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  • NCY/6/4

    Delivery note for tiles from Pilkington's Tile & Pottery Company, to Mr. Hammond Item

    23 Sep 1909
    Delivery note listing tiles delivered - including 2 tiled panels and 1 tiled hearth. Delivered by L & Y Railway.
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  • NCY/6/5

    Time Sheet for W Bellamy Item

    2 Oct 1909
    Time sheet for week ending 2 Oct 1909. Fixing tiles on hearth & walls.
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  • NCY/6/6

    Itemised costs for the building of 'Orrisdale' Item

    Mar 1915
    2 handwritten (in pencil) sheets of costings for the building of 'Orrisdale'. On reverse are what appears to be Latin declensions and the name D W Townsend.
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  • NCY/6/7

    Statement of Final Accounts for the design and build of Orrisdale Item

    Statement of Final Account produced by Norman Culley for 'Orrisdale' sumerising and itemising Contractors costs, including deductions and additional work, 10 pages, handwritten.
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  • NCY/6/8

    3 pages of costings for work (probably) relating to Orrisdale Item

    3 pages of costings (mainly pencil with some ink) probably relating to Orrisdale
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  • NCY/6/9

    2 small pages of handwritten (ink) notes showing costs & sizes Item

    Handwritten, ink, what appears to be comparisons between 72 Long Lane, 'Orrisdale' and Briarfield in sizes and costs.
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  • NCY/6/10

    Quote from J B Brooke & Sons to Norman Culley for re-spouting at Orrisdale Item

    28 Aug 1933
    2 quotes, one for £18.10.0 (basic) and £23.0.0 for Pitch Pine spouts
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