Mortgage and Conveyancing documents for Orrisdale, Long Lane, Dalton, Huddersfield
Mortgage and conveyancing documents relating to Orrisdale, sent to Norman Culley
  • NCY/5/1

    Particulars and Conditions of Sale of land by Long Lane, Dalton Item

    26 Feb 1909
    Standard Particulars of Sale form for land on the East Side of Long Lane.
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  • NCY/5/2

    Handwritten invoice from Norman Culley to Herbert Kaye and Mr. Ward Item

    24 Mar 1909
    Invoice for travelling expenses
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  • NCY/5/3

    Armitage, Sykes & Hinchcliffe, receipt for £3.12.6 received from Mr. Ward Item

    25 Mar 1909
    Receipt for Conveyancing etc
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  • NCY/5/4

    Receipt for £5 received from Mrs G A. Ward Item

    14 May 1909
    Receipt for £5 deposit received by Mr Herbert Kaye from Mrs G A Ward
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  • NCY/5/5

    Mortgage Confirmation from Halifax Permanent Benefit Building Society to Mrs. Ward. Item

    17 Jun 1909
    Mortgage relating to property on Long Lane, Dalton. £550 requested, £490 granted
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  • NCY/5/6

    Notice from Brook, Freeman & Batley Solicitors confirming documents received from Mrs Ward Item

    21 Jun 1909
    Documents received from Mrs Ward were Abstract of Title from Mr Tom H Kaye and Conveyance from T H Kaye to Mrs Ward.
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  • NCY/5/7

    Receipt and original invoice for £4.7.6 received from Mrs. Ward to Brook, Freeman & Batley Solicitors Item

    26 Jun 1909
    Invoice for preparing a Mortgage Deed and Memorial for West Riding Registry of Deeds
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  • NCY/5/8

    Receipt Mrs. Ward to Halifax Permanent Benefit Building Society, subscription Item

    26 Jun 1909
    Subscription of £4.18.0 paid to Halifax Permanent Benefit Building Society by Mrs Ward.
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  • NCY/5/9

    Letter from Halifax Permanent Benefit Building Society to Mr. Ward Item

    29 Jun 1909
    Letter informing Mr Ward that the valuation of the proposed property by the Building Society's surveyors was less than Mr Ward had recevied from another surveyor.
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  • NCY/5/10

    Letter from Halifax Permanent Benefit Building Society to Mr. Ward Item

    8 Jul 1909
    Letter to Mr Ward with an explanation of the differing valuations
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