This series contains memorabilia of ribbons and badges given to cast and crew to show they were part of the production. It also contains dolls that may have been used as props or small scale costume samples.
  • MTC/4/1

    Ribbons and Badges Series

    Box of ribbons with the name of the annual production and the year on them, probably for cast members to wear. Initially there quite ornate, but they became plain white ribbons as time went on. Also contains ribbons for officer posts within the society, including Hon Perrquiers, First Aid, Hon. Registrar, Registrar and Librarian (2), Committee, Council, Registrar, Perruquier and Vice President. Badges including the name of the production and date. Formerly ribbons seem to have been in vogue, see HAO/4/1, but from the end of the 1940s badges were also produced.
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  • MTC/4/2

    Dolls Series

    11 Dolls (6 with tags on):

    Label reads: "Sambo, Label reads: 'A Well Wisher' and on the other side 'St Thomas's Blue beard Feb 1934'" [if from play, unknown]
    Label reads: "Pompey, L 'One little black devil for another'" [if from play, known]
    Label reads: Simkins" [Merrie England]
    Label reads: "Innkeeper, Happy Days" [The Three Musketeers or the Lisbon Story]
    Label reads: "Major Lutzen" [The Lisbon Story]
    Label reads: "Phil Pettigrew" [Masquerade]

    2 loose tags name dolls as "Heir Schlieck" [sic, actually Herr Schlick from Bitter Sweet] and "Tweedlepunch" [unknown]
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  • MTC/4/3

    Conductor's Baton Item

    An ivory baton inscribed 1922, The Rebel Maid. Possibly made to commemorate the 25th production of the society.
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  • MTC/4/4

    Calendars Item

    This series contains a calendar from the 2015 production of Hairspray
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