This series contains publicity records for the society, in the form of postcards advertising productions, photographs of casts in costume and reference videos of productions.
  • MTC/3/1

    Photographs Item

    This series contains cast photos from various productions, memorabilia from various productions and framed photo collages most of which list cast names and dates of the production

    Box 1/2 - Framed Photographs and Souvenir's: Bless the Bride, includes; on-stage photo (whole cast), E. Wendy Hey (Lucy Veracity Willow, main character), Photo of "Lucy's" sisters, photo of Tom Mair (Lucy's Dad), Freda Jessop, Jean Taylor (Lucy's Mum), souvenir (front cover), souvenir (open, full cast)
    Framed Souvenir's: Balalaika, Masquerade, Lisbon Story, White Horse Inn, Lady of the Rose, Merrie England
    Banner: Huddersfield Amateur Operatic Society, 1896 - 1996
    Poster: Oliver actors, 1981 (Names included)

    Box 2/2 - Brown envelope: 13 assorted photos (original) and postcards, no production name given
    Also: Cast photo from Oliver (1981)
    Photos (7) from No No Nanette (1983, with names)
    Photos (2) from Kiss Me Kate (1982)
    Photo collage for Anything goes (1991, with names)
    Photo collage for Show Boat (1993, with names)
    Photo collage of titles from various productions (1971-1979)
    Photo collage from Hans Anderson (1989, with names)
    Photo collage from West Side Story (1987)
    Photo collage from Annie (1985, with names)
    Photo collage from Principle Emotions (with names)
    Photo collage from Guys and Dolls, (with names)
    CD of photographs from recent productions 2010 onwards
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  • MTC/3/2

    Postcard Album Item

    Post Card Album - Some dates, Photos include cast from The Duchess of Dantzic and A Manchu Maid
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  • MTC/3/3

    Videos Series

    All 4 boxes contain VHS video tapes of productions by the Huddersfield Amateur Operatic Society. Box 3 contains entirely master tapes of productions, with several tapes for each production all labelled accordingly. Box 4 is the same apart from two tapes of 'Good Companions' and it also includes 3 cassette audio tapes of various productions.

    Contains tapes of Good Companions, West Side Story, Camelot, Annie, Guys and Dolls, No No Nanette x2, Tape 'HAOS E30', Hans Anderson, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Mack and Mabel, Kiss Me Kate, Oliver, Viva Mexico, Principle Emotions, Sweet Charity, Die Fledermaus, Tape 'HAOS Gala Night' and Tape 'HAOS Compilation'; tapes of Mack and Mabel Tapes 1 and 2, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Tapes 1-3, Camelot Tapes 1-3 and Hans Anderson Tapes 1-3; Annie Tape 1 and 2, Anything Goes Tapes 1-3 and Sweet Charity 5 Tapes (labelled 1-3 and 'Act 1' and 'Act Two').
    Good Companions 1 and 2, Good Companions and part of Annie (same tape), Die Fledermaus Tapes 1-3 and Guys and Dolls Tapes 1-3 and 3 cassette audio tapes 'HAOS I, II and III'.
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  • MTC/3/4

    Newspaper Cuttings Item

    Centenary Newspaper Cuttings folder (1897-1996) - Contains a list of contents. Folder includes original publications such as newspaper reports on particular performances e.g. A Merry Monarch, or concerning important HAOS events such as the centenary in 1996.

    Newspaper cuttings folder 2011-present
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  • MTC/3/5

    Publicity Material Item

    20th cent
    A set of framed publicity material featuring collages of different productions, including photographs, programmes and decorative items.
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