Administrative Records
This series contains administrative records of the society, including decision making through minutes, a cast register for performance, and general correspondence about society business and putting on performances.
  • MTC/1/1

    Minute Books Series

    This series includes minutes of committee meetings, notes from AGMs and balance sheets, and minutes of specially convened sub-committees, such as the Centenary sub-committee.

    H.A.O.S Minutes of meetings (June 1969 - January 1980), includes balance sheets.

    Grey folder: minutes from Feb 1967- Dec 1988
    Black folder 1: minutes from Dec 1997- Jan 1989
    Black folder 2: minutes from Dec 2001-Jan 1998
    Red book: minutes from June 1971-June 1979
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  • MTC/1/2

    Attendance Book Item

    Cast Register for Performances
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  • MTC/1/3

    Correspondence Series

    These 4 boxes contain folders which hold various administrative and accountancy documents associated with the HAOS company and National Operatic and Dramatic Association. Documents relate to productions, theatres e.g. the Laurence Batley Theatre where performances were held, sales e.g. for tickets, invoices such as for technical equipment , info on staff members, letters, some production memorabilia, rehearsal schedules, legal liability forms, some handwritten letters and notes e.g. apologies for AGM non-attendance and details of special events e.g. the HAOS Centenary.

    NB due to the sheer volume of documents, not all are listed below; however; they are in order of appearance in the folders. (NODA= National Operatic and Dramatic Association…LBT= Laurence Batley Theatre).

    Box 1/4
    '1998-1999' Folder - Includes costs for Crazy for You, invoices and copies of requests for theatre equipment e.g. a mini disk player, a poster for Crazy for You, costs for The Merry Widow, a letter of recommendation for the orchestra and a programme for the 2nd National Festival for Musical Theatre

    '2000-2001' Folder - Includes costs for The Best of Times, correspondence regarding parts to be filed in 42nd Street performance, a letter for Kirklees Council regarding its Strategy for Sport and Culture Project, letters to performers about rehearsal schedules and alterations for The Slipper and the Rose, a letter regarding the contract for The Pajama Game and an LBT contract for The Slipper and the Rose (plus contracts for other performances), a Financial Services Authority newsletter a poster and cast list for Orpheus in the Underworld and booklet entitled 'The Huddersfield Millennium Challenge'

    Box 2/4
    '1990-1994' Folder - Includes a poster, attendance lists and 'advanced payments' sheet for 42nd Street, a letter about a request to perform My Fair Lady, a budget estimate for 1994, a list of material preparations for 42nd Street, lists of HAOS producers for 1994, a letter about LBT booking forms, Kirklees Theatre information sheet (includes staff members), a letter regarding the NODA programme competition and letters from the marketing manager of the West Yorkshire Playhouse requesting details of HAOS productions, a letter about Chorus Auditions for 42nd Street, a poster for Show Boat, a letter concerning council requirements for the Show Boat production and a letter regarding an application to perform the Sound of Music at Josef Weinberger Ltd.

    '2004-2006' Folder - Includes a letter from the Huddersfield Light Opera Company regarding the Annie production, email correspondence between theatre staff regarding Annie, a 'thank you' letter from a member of NODA for their invite to see Annie, a CD entitled 'Annie Logos', a floor rehearsal schedule for Annie, an Extract from Budget Costs Sheet for Annie, a Contract of Hire for Costumes for Annie from the company 'Perceptions', an original newspaper clipping concerning auditions for child cast members for Annie (Huddersfield Examiner), a CD for the musical score of Scrooge, 'thank you' letters for those who contributed to the Scrooge production, licences granted by Kirklees Education service for child cast members, a sound FX booklet for Scrooge, a hire quotation for props for Scrooge and a letter from Samuel French Ltd regarding royalties owed for Scrooge.

    Box 3/4
    '1995-1997 Folder' - Includes a letter to the Secretary of HAOS from the LBT concerning accidental damage to a door, a handwritten letter of resignation from the registrar of HAOS, letter from Kirklees Theatre Trust agreeing to produce Me and My Girl, a cast list for Me and My Girl, a promotional poster-sheet for Crazy for You, a letter concerning staff changes within the LBT, a 'distribution of libs' sheet for Follies, a band budget sheet for Follies, a letter from NODA regarding entering the programme competition, letter for the 1996 AGM agenda, letter from HAOS stating Follies as the centenary production, letter concerning the application to produce My Fair Lady, a checklist for the orchestra of My Fair Lady, a poster for My Fair Lady, sheet of seat sales for 1994, letter from LBT regarding VAT changes and a letter concerning the agenda for HAOS AGM in 1991.

    '2000-2004' Folder - Letter to the HAOS secretary regarding copies of the production One Touch of Venus for perusal, a letter of complaint from the Ladies and Social Committee, letter regarding the schedule for De Fledermaus, a letter of condolence concerning a previous member of HAOS, a 'thank you' letter to a member of HAOS for help with Kiss Me Kate, a ticket sales summary for Kiss Me Kate, LBT rates booklet, large poster for Kiss Me Kate, Kiss Me Kate Rehearsal Schedule, sheet detailing awards presented for NODA members, LBT seat sales for 42nd Street, 'Musicscope' invoice sheet for 42nd Street, checklist of musical materials for 42nd Street, 'thank you' letter to Kirklees Council for help with running 42nd Street, 'thank you' letters from various organisations for invites to see 4nd street, an AGM agenda sheet for 2002 and a handwritten sheet of audition pieces for 42nd Sheet.

    Box 4/4
    HAOS Millennium Celebrations sheets. (Loose sheets with beige clip attached) - Includes a letter concerning lack of funding and cancellation of Bitter Sweet, minutes for meeting in 1999 concerning Millennium musical, a letter regarding funding for Millennium production,
    Letter from Samuel French Ltd regarding ability to produce Bitter Sweet, Guidance Notes and Proposal Forms for Millennium Festival, Millennium Conference Agenda dated 1998 and a Millennium Projects Conference booklet.

    'HAOS 1974-1989' Folder (Large cardboard folder containing several smaller document folders/collections tied with white string):

    'HAOS Centenary' Yellow Folder (with coloured dividers) - Includes in left of booklet: letters concerning the preservation of historical photographs, finance/costs sheet for the centenary celebration, Christmas card from Huddersfield University Conference Centre, promotional booklet for J&S Brownhut Entertainment Promotions, NODA journal for Mack and Mabel production…In the main bulk of the folder the dividers are labelled as follows: Committee, Exhibition, Letters, Notices, Artefacts, Reception, Dinners, Concert, Memorabilia Fun Night and Finance.

    Collection of loose documents tied with beige clip - Includes agreement from Kirklees council dated 1979, a licence from West Yorkshire County Council to allow erection of banners (with handwritten request, apology letter from NODA regarding lack of delivered bulletins for, handwritten permission request to perform The Card (dated 1976) and a letter from Chappell Music Publishers concerning materials for Merrie England (dated 1974).

    Another Collection of loose documents tied with beige clip - Includes copy of form for HAOS regarding the Friendly Societies Act of 1974 (with balance sheet), letter to HAOS agreeing to produce Annie at the Town Hall, an invoice for West Side Story badges dated 1987, letter from Deeside Orpheus Amateur Operatic Society regarding possible emergency assistance required for a 1982 production, several balance sheets for HAOS for 1979, a small letter from Musicscope regarding royalties owed for Oliver production and a handwritten letter from the directorate of the Huddersfield Civic Centre concerning amendments to an invoice (dated 1980).
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