Lucas, Mike, "Mikron" library
A library maintained by Mikron Theatre Company founder Mike Lucas. The books are arranged by subject and directly relate to the themes of many Mikron shows.

There are also a set of Waterways journals from 1973 onwards.
  • MLL/4

    Waterways World Magazine Series

    Copies of Waterways World Magazine, exploring life and recreation on Britain's inland waterways and canals..

    In order and in binders until 2003. Complete runs between 1975-81, 1983-1996,1998-2008. The following months are missing: 1974 – September, 1982 – November, 1997 – April, 2009 – November & December.

    Also includes: 1972 – First WW ever, Vol 1 No 1 Spring plus December, 2007 – Two Januarys
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