Mike Lucas Early Career Records
Scripts, publicity materials, press cuttings, short stories, director's notes and correspondence gathered or created by Lucas, relating to his career as an actor, director of the Gulbenkian Theatre, and writer. Includes papers dating from Lucas' co-founding of the Mikron Theatre Company.
  • MKN/AV/1/1

    Play Script, 'The Bubonic Plague Show' by Charles Lewson Item

    nd [?1963]
    Mike Lucas' copy, 'rehearsal text'. Annotated.
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  • MKN/AV/1/2

    Publicity Photographs, 'The Bubonic Plague Show' Item

    nd [1963]
    Black and white photographs taken in a cemetary.
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  • MKN/AV/1/3

    'The Bubonic Plague Show', Poster and Newspaper Cuttings Item

    Reviews and publicity material from the Mikron Theatre Company's first incarnation at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
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  • MKN/AV/1/4

    'Dream Monster', Mike Lucas Script and Short Stories Item

    Invoice, sections of script of 'Dream Monster' [?], short stories 'She's Leaving Home', 'Tomorrow is Sunday', feedback letters from publishers, script for an episode of 'Love Story'.
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  • MKN/AV/1/5

    'Dream Monster', Theatre Poster Item

    Foolscap-length poster mounted on board.
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  • MKN/AV/1/6

    'Dream Monster' by Mike Lucas, Script and Papers Item

    nd [1968]
    Flyers, press cutting, script, annotated photostat [?] of script.
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  • MKN/AV/1/7

    'The Exploding Dream' by Richard Drain Item

    Script for play performed at the Gulbenkian Theatre.
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  • MKN/AV/1/8

    Mike Lucas' Director's Notes, 'Super-Star' Item

    nd [?1970]
    Notes on a play performed at the Gulbenkian Theatre.
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  • MKN/AV/1/9

    'Mikron - Production/ Plays' Scripts and Related Administrative Correspondence Item

    Scripts 'Vacant Possession' and 'Back to Front' by Alan Partington, letters concerning play scripts, script 'Sitting Pretty' by Tim Dartington, script 'Ice Cream' by Richard Drain. Includes material concerning launching the Mikron Theatre Company and its first season.
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