Radio Broadcasts
The series contains copies of radio broadcasts where McMillan was a host or participant.
  • MCM/3/1/2/1

    The Angel Brothers & Satnam Singh with Ian McMillan Item

    7 February 2003
    Cassette:The Angel Brothers & Satnam Singh with Ian McMillan (7.2.03, BBC R3, Andy Kershaw). Copyright BBC.
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  • MCM/3/1/2/2

    Engineers' Corner Item

    14 August 2005
    CD: BBC Radio 4 Recording. Presented by Ian McMillan. Copyright BBC.
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  • MCM/3/1/2/3

    Nobody Epects the Spanish Inquistion! Item

    CD:Pilot Episode, long edit. Chaired by Ian McMillan. BBC 7 Recording. Copyright BBC.
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  • MCM/3/1/2/4

    A Passion Shared Item

    CD: Recorded from BBC radio.
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  • MCM/3/1/2/5

    Go4it Item

    14 March 2004
    Cassette: Recording of BBC 4 Children's Programme Go4it.
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  • MCM/3/1/2/6

    Voices Simple Item

    15 January 2005
    CD: Audio recording of Ian McMilan and Voice Simple, i-iv.
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  • MCM/3/1/2/7

    Poems on the Range Item

    12 March 2006
    Poems on the Range presented by Ian McMillan for BBC Radio 4
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