Legal Affairs
  • KTT/LG/1

    Property Ownership Item

    1. Working file including correspondence and statements relating to the landholding rights associated with the Lawrence Batley Theatre including copy of underlease transferring residue of ninety nine year lease of the former Queen Street Methodist Mission from the Borough of Kirklees to the Kirklees Theatre Trust, 1992-1995
    2. File entitled 'Purchase of 8-10 Queen Street, Surrender of Lease 1997', including copy of transfer of title to 8/10 Queen Street; builders’ quotations for shop front for 6 Queen Street; correspondence relating to party wall at 8/10 Queen Street; planning consent and project costs, 1997
    3. File entitled 'Surrender of Lease - 12 Queen Street' including correspondence and minutes relating to the aquisition of this property, 1997
    4. File entitled ‘Purchase of 8/10 Queen Street 1998’ including Bill of Reductions identifying potential savings on overall cost of scheme; copy of lease dated 16 May 1989 between Borough of Kirklees and Richards (Wakefield) Limited relating to 12 Queen Street; copy of surrender of 12 Queen Street, 12 Dec 1997

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