• KTT/FD/1

    Corporate Sponsorship Item

    1. Flyer promoting corporate membership, nd [?2000]
    2. Correspondence with Thornton and Ross Limited regarding their sponsorship of the theatre and their eligibility for match funding under an Association for Business Sponsorship of the Arts scheme, 4 May 1994-28 Jun 1994
    3. Correspondence and contract with British Telecommunications PLC in relation to its sponsorship of an audio induction loop, 26 Jul 1994-26 Aug 1994
    4. Correspondence with The Pulse radio station regarding opportunities for sponsorship, 22 Mar 1994-28 Feb 1995
    5. Report by the Artistic Director on sponsorship opportunities and related correspondence from Association for Business Sponsorship of the Arts, 1 May 1995
    6. Envelope containing minutes of a meeting with Old Court Brewhouse re sponsorship of Cellar Comedy Club, 16 Jan 1995, and memo from Abi King, Press and Publicity Officer for Lawrence Batley Theatre, nd
    7. Document setting out opportunities for sponsorship of productions in 1995

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  • KTT/FD/2

    Other Fundraising Item

    1. File relating to various fundraising initiatives, including details of sums raised by Mar 1993, cash flow projections 1993-1996, report to Development Sub-Committee on deed of covenant income and other donations, Mar 1993
    2. Flyer promoting Gift Aid donations, nd [?2004]
    3. File entitled ‘Deed of Covenant: Major Donors’ containing correspondence with major donors to the theatre, 30 Jul 1992-5 Nov 1999
    4. Correspondence with donors participating in ‘name a seat’ fundraising scheme, including wording for plates on seats and tax deduction forms, 8 Feb 1993-1 Jun 1998
    5. Invitations to a performance of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and responses, 11 Jul 1994-9 Sep 1994
    6. Correspondence with founder patrons, 26 Apr 1994-14 Mar 1995
    7. Correspondence relating to an unsuccessful bid for funding from the European Commission, 1994
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