Estate Management
  • KTT/ET/1

    Queen Street Chapel Conversion Item

    Box 1:

    1.‘Queen Street Chapel: A Conversion Study’ by Kirklees Metropolitan Council and Theatre Projects Consultants Limited, Jun 1987
    2.Queen’s Theatre, Huddersfield, site plan as proposed, Jan 1991
    3.Queen’s Theatre, Huddersfield, general arrangement basement plan, Oct 1991
    4.Queen’s Theatre, Huddersfield, general arrangement ground floor plan, Nov 1991
    5. File entitled 'Lawrence Batley Theatre Design Team Drawings' including lettering sketches of name ‘Queen’s Theatre’, progress reports and timetables for project, 1991
    6. Theatre Project Consultants colour architectural drawings, nd
    7. Queen's Theatre Huddersfield North Wing proposed plans by David Roe, Apr 1992
    8. Queens Square Huddersfield South Wing, first and second floor proposals, Nov 1992
    9. Bundle of 'as proposed' plans, A013 - A034, 1991-1992
    10. Bundle of ‘as existing’ and ‘as proposed’ plans, 1991 and 1994
    11. William Henry Shaw Limited (WHS) plans of ventilation and heating services as fitted in the Lawrence Batley Theatre, 1993

    Box 2:

    12. Theatre Projects Consultants Limited plans of projection room and associated correspondence May-Jun 1993
    13. As-built drawings produced by Telestage Associates Limited of installed stage systems including wall frame details, pulley assemblies, scenery bar details and drape tracks, 1993
    14. Proposal document with colour illustration of the theatre building on cover entitiled 'A Theatre for Kirklees', nd [?1991]

    Box 3:
    15. 'As installed' plan of elevators by Otis Elevator, drawing number 78KJ1499, 15 Jul 1993
    16: ‘Kirklees Theatre Trust Civic Theatre: Report on a Scheme Design’ produced by Kirklees Metropolitan Council Property Services, Kirklees Metropolitan Council Cultural Services, Theatre Project Consultants Limited and Arup Acoustics to obtain the approval of the Kirklees Theatre Trust for the final scheme design, cost estimate and programme for the project, 26 Mar 1991
    17. Reports produced by Theatre Projects Consultants Limited setting out specifications for sound and communications, stage elevators, stage rigging and production lighting, Mar 1992
    18. Kirklees Metropolitan Council meeting minutes discussing character of Cellar Theatre and rear entrances, 15 Jan 1991
    19. Agendas and minutes of Design Team and site meetings with associated papers, (incomplete set) Jul 1991-Apr 1995
    20. Outgoing correspondence from the Technical Manager, Artistic Director and other theatre personnel to The Design Practice and other contractors regarding orders and defects, Apr 1993-Feb 1996

    Box 4:
    21. Lawrence Batley Theatre, Financial Statement, Dec 1993
    22. Letter from John Laing Construction Limited with associated 'Report on Delays and Disruption up to Christmas 1993', 7 Feb 1994
    23.. Correspondence with the Department for the Environment regarding listed buildings consent for development including decision notice, Jul 1991-Mar 1993
    24. Reports entitled ‘Schedule of Defects noted on 20, 21, 22 July 1995’ and ‘Schedules of Defects noted on 24 July 1995’ sent to John Laing Construction after completion of contract, and associated correspondence from and to other contractors, Jul 1995-Oct 1996
    25. Correspondence to and from Laing North East, Kirklees Metropolitan Council and GAB Robins and associated papers relating to a water damage claim against contractors resulting from a burst pipe, Oct 1994-Apr 1999

    Box 5:
    26. 'Queens Theatre Bills of Quantities' numbered 1-9 produced by The Design Practice, comprising: 1. general conditions and preliminaries; 2. preambles specification; 3. main building, North Wing, South Wing; north extension, south extension, cellar plant room, external works, drainage; 4. mechanical engineering installation; 5. electrical engineering installation; 6. lift installation; 7. piling; 8. general summary and 9. appendices, Apr 1992
    27. Programme accompanying the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors Awards featuring the Lawrence Batley Theatre, 1996
    28. Handwritten report entitled 'Lawrence Batley Theatre, Still to Inspect', 19 Aug 1994
    29. Handwritten notes from unknown source setting out an assessment of the theatre space and recommendations for the conversion, and a rough proposed management structure of the theatre, nd [?1993]
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  • KTT/ET/2

    North Wing Conversion Item

    Box 1:
    1. Drawings labelled 'design' numbered 1-6, 1997
    2. Drawings labelled ‘re-tender’ and ‘construction’ relating to electrical installations, referenced Elec 01 - Elec 21, 1997
    3. Tender drawings numbered 100-324 (incomplete set) 1997
    4. Tender drawings numbered 325-401, 1997

    Box 2:
    5. Drawings relating to heating and ventilation numbered ML(5)01B-ML(5)06, 1997
    6. Drawings numbered SE01-SE06 and S101, 1997
    7. A3 booklet entitled 'Lawrence Batley Theatre, Phase Two Visuals', containing colour 'as proposed' plans, 1995
    8. Miscellaneous plans, including: passenger car drawing by ACE Elevators Limited, ref 011152/CAR, 16 Jul 1998; ground floor and second floor Layout drawings by David Roe, Dec 1996; hand drawings of North Wing rehearsal space, nd; four plans of North Wing labelled 'existing' or 'proposed' with stamp confirming planning permission has been granted, Feb 1996; 'as proposed' drawings by Leslie Jones Architects referenced SK20-SK22 and SK29-SK31, Feb 1997
    9. Schedule of works for North Wing, Nov 1995
    10. Booklet entitled 'Phase Two: The North Wing' including statements in support of the project, and project aims, 1996
    11. Articles of agreement between Kirklees Theatre Trust and Robert R Roberts Limited, including standard form of building contract with quantities; letter of acceptance of Roberts’ tender; priced tender; bill of quantities volumes 1, 2 and 3 and bill of reductions, 31 Oct 1997-23 Feb 1998

    Box 3:
    12. Specification for communication equipment, nd [?1995]
    13. Specification of works included in phase one and two, 1995
    14. Specification of passenger lift installation, Oct 1997
    15. Application for Arts Council funding for North Wing Project, correspondence to and from theatre personnel regarding the bid and supporting papers including explanations of the increase in estimated costs from the original lottery application, 1996-?1998
    16. Assessment report on Kirklees Theatre Trust for Arts Council England with associated correspondence between the theatre and Arts Council, Apr 1996-Nov 1998
    17. Correspondence between theatre and project monitors GLEEDS UK Limited, including evidence gathered in response to their enquiries regarding project progress, 1998-2001
    18. Original letters of support for lottery bid from businesses and arts organisations, Nov-Dec 1995
    19. Bundle of correspondence between theatre personnel and contractors, Jul 1995-Oct 2001
    20. Progress meeting agendas and minutes (incomplete set) Mar 1996-Nov 1998
    21. Memorandum of Agreement between Kirklees Theatre Trust and Property Services Consultancy, 2 Feb 1998

    Box 4:
    22. Architect's instruction sheets numbered 1-15 and 19-38 with corresponding variation authorisation forms numbered 10-18 and 24-42, 1998
    23. File entitled ‘Emergency lighting’ containing correspondence on this subject, Jul-Sep 1998
    24. Artlink West Yorkshire's disability access audit of the theatre, nd [?1998]
    25. Defect reports and associated correspondence, Dec 1998-Dec 1999
    26. File entitled ‘Appointment of an architect’ containing correspondence with and about Robert R Roberts Building Contractors, assessment of planning supervisor competence, provision for health and safety form, interim certificates with references C786098 and C786099 and D444848 providing details of payments owed to architect, memorandum of agreement with Robert R Roberts, project plan diagram and list of architect’s previous projects Oct 1996-Nov 1998
    27. Report setting out details of the theatre shop development, 12 Apr 1996
    28. File entitled 'Valuation' containing valuation reports, May 1998-Nov 1998
    29. File entitled 'Lord of the Flies' containing guest list and minutes of planning meeting for performance and foundation stone laying, Oct 1998
    30. Practical completion certificate for North Wing works, 23 Nov 1998
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  • KTT/ET/3

    6-8 Queen Street Conversion Item

    1. A3 bound document entitled 'Lawrence Batley Theatre, Client Accommodation Options for 6-8 Queen Street', prepared by Sectionfiftyfive Consultancy, Sep 2004
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  • KTT/ET/4

    Maintenance Item

    1. Certificate of examination of hydraulic lift, 6 Dec 2000
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  • KTT/ET/5

    Documents related to Refurbishment Item

    19th-20th century
    Documents and research related to the refurbishment of the Queen Street Chapel.
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  • KTT/ET/6

    History of theatre in Kirklees Item

    A set of research documents relating to the history of different theatre venues, and creative people at the forefront of the theatrical scene in the town. From the repertory companies of the 1930s to travelling theatre companies of the 1990s, and description of the types of venue existing within Kirkless. Based on the research notes of Brian Haigh.
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