Kirklees Image Archive
Photographic archive containing over 250,000 negatives (predominantly glass plates), prints and lantern slides. Images date back to later 19th century and the vast majority relate to the Kirklees area and are topographical in nature. The collection can be divided into two main sections - those taken before 1940 which were acquired through purchase and donation by individual museums, and secondly the photographic archive of the Huddersfield Daily Examiner for the period 1948-1984.

The website contains 61,842 images from the collection; the website can be browsed, searched and prints can be purchased.

Please note that the majority of this collection is uncatalogued and very limited information is available other than the Kirklees Image Archive website If you have specific queries about this collection, please contact Kirklees Museums in the first instance
This collection is owned by Kirklees Museums and Heritage Quay provides storage and some limited public access.
  • KIA/EX

    Huddersfield Examiner photographic archive Subfonds

    Glass negatives for the period 1948-1963 inclusive. 19 shelves.
    Celluloid negatives (approx. 6x6 cm) for period 1964-1980. 20 shelves.
    35mm strip negatives for the period 1981-1984. 8 shelves.

    Some large format negatives apparently covering the whole period?
    These are possibly copies of other negatives in the formats above or another sequence of negatives - further investigation needed (as at November 16).

    Approximately 25 boxes per year.

    The negatives are all numbered (numbering restarts at 1 each year). The numbering refers to the photographers' diaries which recorded the subject and dates of the photographs.
    With one box of photographers' diaries - microfilm. Appear to be complete set 1948-1984 in both negative and positive microfilm format.

    Indexes were created for some years (mostly 1949-1962) listing the photographs by year and running number; place; and subject.
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