Whitley, John Henry, Archive
Collection documents the varied career and personal life of John Henry Whitley. Whitley's occupations included Halifax mill owner, champion of universal education, revered local politician, Speaker of the House of Commons, Chairman of the Royal Commission on Labour in India and Chairman of the BBC.

The archive includes letters from Winston Churchill and King George V and the autographs of Gandhi, Benito Mussolini and cricketer Wilfred Rhodes.

The collection is split into 8 sections: reference sources relating to J. H. Whitley; scrapbooks compiled by the Whitley family; personal papers, correspondence and photographs relating to Whitley's career and family life; press cuttings referring to J.H. Whitley; a series of cartoons from Punch magazine commenting on Whitley's career; a section concentrating on the history of Whitley councils; material relating to Whitley's relationship with his school, Clifton College and information relating to the General Strike of May 1926.
  • JHW/9

    General Strike Series

    05 May 1926 - 17 May 1926
    This section includes copies of various newspapers and their opinion on the General Strike. The British Worker was the newspaper Trade Union Congress (TUC). The British Gazette was a short lived Government newspaper produced only during the General Strike. Thus the copies of these newspapers within this section highlight the contrasting opinions of the TUC and the Government.

    The copies of the Daily Mail and the Daily Express within this section, as well as the 6 editions of the Daily Graphic, provide opinions from newspapers that didn't solely focus on the General Strike.

    The General Strike lasted for nine days, from 4 May to 13 May 1926. The Strike was called for by the Trade Union Congress (TUC) in an attempt to force the government to stop wage reductions and poor working conditions. The Strike was most prominent in transport and heavy industry. Ultimately the TUC surrendered and the Strike had little impact on industrial relations.
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