General Strike
This section includes copies of various newspapers and their opinion on the General Strike. The British Worker was the newspaper Trade Union Congress (TUC). The British Gazette was a short lived Government newspaper produced only during the General Strike. Thus the copies of these newspapers within this section highlight the contrasting opinions of the TUC and the Government.

The copies of the Daily Mail and the Daily Express within this section, as well as the 6 editions of the Daily Graphic, provide opinions from newspapers that didn't solely focus on the General Strike.

The General Strike lasted for nine days, from 4 May to 13 May 1926. The Strike was called for by the Trade Union Congress (TUC) in an attempt to force the government to stop wage reductions and poor working conditions. The Strike was most prominent in transport and heavy industry. Ultimately the TUC surrendered and the Strike had little impact on industrial relations.
  • JHW/9/1

    Edition of The British Worker - Official Strike News Bulletin Item

    07 May 1926
    Published by the General Council of the Trade Union Congress. This Official Strike News Bulletin includes various articles concerning the General Strike from the striker's point of view.
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  • JHW/9/2

    Articles from the Daily Mail concerning the General Strike Item

    10 May 1926
    Includes a leading article about the government's pledge to protect men who return to work from the loss of superannuation allowances or pensions. Also includes a speech made by Baldwin, the latest news on the strike, and an article about 'Strike Don'ts'.
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  • JHW/9/3

    Edition of the Daily Express Item

    10 May 1926
    Article within issue of the Daily Express declares that 'mob law has not and will not supercede the law of the realm.' Issue also includes an article about America's view that the Strike will fail, an article about the effects of the strike after one week, and an article containing facts about the Strike.
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  • JHW/9/4

    General Strike reports from the Daily Graphic Series

    11 May 1926 - 17 May 1926
    6 editions of the Daily Graphic, in which photographs and articles explain the General Strike. Includes two emergency editions concerning the eighth and ninth days of the Strike, an edition about the end of the Strike, an edition about the victory for the Government and two editions about the return to normal life and resumption of work.
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  • JHW/9/5

    Editions of the British Gazette containing reports on the General Strike Series

    05 May 1926 - 13 May 1926
    8 editions of the British Gazette, a short-lived Government newspaper that was improvised during the General Strike, showing the official perception of the Strike.
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