Whitley Bulletins
The Whitley Bulletin was a magazine published for sixty years in tribute to J. H. Whitley and his Whitley Councils. Two Whitley Bulletins from 1963 and 1979, which include articles about Whitleyism.
  • JHW/7/5/1

    Whitley Bulletin, vol. 43 no. 1 Item

    January 1963
    Issue includes article 'The Advent of Whitleyism' by J. P. Wolstenholme, which explains in detail the association of J. H. Whitley's name with the Civil Service.
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  • JHW/7/5/2

    Whitley Bulletin, vol. 59 no.1 Item

    January 1979
    ssue includes article entitled 'Sixty Years of Whitleyism' by David Farnham, which comments on the major impact that Whitleyism has had on the practice and procedure of industrial relations both in Britain and overseas since their creation.
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