Whitley Councils Collection
The items in the section provide insight in to the history of Whitley Councils, with newspaper articles, lectures, magazine articles and letters all emphasising the impact and success of Whitleyism.

A National Joint Industrial Council or a Joint Industrial Council can also be known as a Whitley Council. This is because J. H. Whitley proposed a system of consultations in the work place, to improve relations between workers and employers. This model has gone on to influence industrial relations beyond the UK.
  • JHW/7/1

    Newspaper cutting concerning The Whitley Report Item

    Newspaper editorial entitled 'The Whitley Report' about the prominence of the Whitley Report in securing better relationships between Capital and Labour, without violence, strikes or bitter feelings.
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  • JHW/7/2

    'Works Committees and Industrial Councils' Item

    07 Oct 1919
    Lecture given by J. H. Whitley concerning the beginnings of and the possibilities of Works Committees and Industrial Councils.
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  • JHW/7/3

    Article from the Whitley Bulletin Item

    February 1966
    Short article from the Whitley Bulletin, vol. 46 no. 2. Article is entitled 'Centenary of Rt. Hon. J. H. Whitley' concerning the centenary of J. H. Whitley's birth. Article comments on the origins of Whitleyism and its legacy within the Civil Service.
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  • JHW/7/4

    Newspaper cutting from the Halifax Evening Courier and Guardian Item

    01 Jul 1969
    Article entitled 'Whitleyism: Days of Starch and Dynamite' regarding the fiftieth anniversary of Whitleyism. The article includes a history of Whitleyism, from The Whitley Report to the on-going work of Whitley councils.
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  • JHW/7/5

    Whitley Bulletins Subseries

    1963 - 1979
    The Whitley Bulletin was a magazine published for sixty years in tribute to J. H. Whitley and his Whitley Councils. Two Whitley Bulletins from 1963 and 1979, which include articles about Whitleyism.
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  • JHW/7/6

    Correspondence concerning Whitley Bulletins and photographs of J. H. Whitley's Speaker portrait Subseries

    29 Nov 1962 - 28 Jan 1963
    Correspondence concerning a photograph of J. H. Whitley's Speaker portrait. Includes a request from Clifton College for a copy of the photograph; permission from the Speaker's House for the distribution of the photograph; and correspondence between Oliver Whitley and J. P. Wolstenholme concerning copies of the photograph.
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  • JHW/7/7

    Trading and Education News, issue no. 5 Item

    Issue of Trading and Education News. Issue includes an article entitled 'John Henry Whitley 1866-1935' (pp.11-14). Written by Oliver Whitley in memory of his father J. H. Whitley, as 1969 marked the fiftieth anniversary of Whitleyism. Instead of the more formal and historical accounts of how Whitleyism works and what it has achieved, this article gives a personal account of the man behind Whitleyism.
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  • JHW/7/8

    Correspondence relating to published article entitled 'John Henry Whitley: 1866-1935' Subseries

    05 May 1969 - 30 Jun 1969
    A set of correspondence relating to article entitled 'John Henry Whitley: 1866-1935'. Article was published within issue no. 5 of Trading and Education News, a publication produced by the Training and Education Division of the UK Civil Service Department.
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  • JHW/7/9

    'They still go marching on...' Item

    Publication written by Mick Carpenter for the 75th anniversary of the Confederation of Health Service Employees. Included within the publication is the poem 'Old Man Whitley ('E Don't Do Nuffing)' (pp. 43) written in 1955. The poem illustrates frustration in the Health Service with the Whitley bargaining system. The defects of the system as described through the eyes of the Confederation of Health Service Employees makes a contrast with the original aims of the Whitley Report.
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