Press Cuttings concerning J. H. Whitley
Items, mainly press-cuttings, pertaining to the career and personal life of J. H. Whitley. Includes items relating to Whitley's career pre-Speakership, items relating to Whitley's election and retirement from the Speakership, items relating to Whitley's career post-Speakership and finally items relating to Whitley's death.
  • JHW/6/1/1

    Pre-Speakership SubSeries

    Items relating to J. H. Whitley before his speakership. Includes letters and articles concerning the family firm S. Whitley & Co., an article about an employee's excursion to Blackpool, articles about Whitley's wedding and silver wedding anniversary, and articles about the Freedom of Halifax.
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  • JHW/6/1/2

    Speakership SubSeries

    Items regarding J. H. Whitley's election and retirement from the Speakership.
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  • JHW/6/1/3

    Post-Speakership SubSeries

    Items regarding Whitley's career post-Speakership. Includes information about Whitley's second marriage, information about the Royal Navy Destroyer named 'Whitley', information about the first ever Empire Broadcast and an article about The Speaker's Commentary and it's relation to the title of 'Speaker'.
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  • JHW/6/1/4

    Obituaries SubSeries

    Items regarding the death of J. H. Whitley, mostly obituaries and tributes to Whitley published in newspapers.
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