Personal Papers
A group of personal papers and mementos collected by J. H. Whitley throughout his career. Items include honorary awards presented from universities as well as official parliamentary debates where Whitley's role as Speaker of the House of Commons is a central topic.

The Personal Papers section also includes a visitors' book containing signatures from notable individuals as Mahatma Gandhi and Wilfred Rhodes as well as the Rockefeller family.
  • JHW/3/1

    Halifax Scroll Item

    4 May 1921
    Illuminated scroll (15'' x 9'') in leather-covered tube. Presented to J. H. Whitley by the County Borough of Halifax on his election as Speaker of the House of Commons.
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  • JHW/3/2

    Oxford and Cambridge Honorary Degrees Subseries

    Booklets of graduation ceremonies, including one from the University of Cambridge, where J. H. Whitley gained a Honorary Degree in Law and two which show that Whitley received a Doctor of Civil Law Honorary Degree.
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  • JHW/3/3

    Hansards Subseries

    27 Apr 1921 - 19 Jun 1928
    Three Official Reports from the House of Commons. The first one is a presentation volume containing a Parliamentary Debate on J. H. Whitley becoming the new Speaker of the House of Commons. The second report contains Whitley's request to retire from the Speakership due to his ill health. The third report contains a Vote of Thanks given to Whitley by the House of Commons, including speeches by Stanley Baldwin, Ramsay MacDonald, David Lloyd George and T. P. O'Connor.
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  • JHW/3/4

    House of Commons Vote of Thanks Item

    19 Jun 1928
    Leather -bound presentation folder (measurements 17.5'' x 14'') with gilt lettering Vote of Thanks to J. H. Whitley as Mr. Speaker for his distinguished services in the Chair, of which the House of Commons fully appreciated.
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  • JHW/3/5

    Pamphlet produced on the subject of historical paintings in St Stephen's Hall, Westminster Item

    Introduction to pamphlet written by Sir Henry Newbolt. Introduction names the Speaker (J. H. Whitley) as ''the initiator and sympathetic director of the whole scheme''. The booklet contains information about each picture in the series, alongside a colour copy of the picture. The paintings were unveiled 26 June 1927.
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  • JHW/3/6

    Book of the Names of Subscribers for Westminster Item

    Boxed presentation volume, leather-bound with images of the Houses of Parliament (front) and Speaker's Chair (back)

    This album contains the names of the members of Parliament who, having sat under the Speakership of The Rt Hon J. H. Whitley, joined in presenting his portrait now placed in the Speaker's House with the portraits of other distinguished occupants of the Speaker's Chair. The members of Parliament include Stanley Baldwin, Winston Churchill and Ramsay MacDonald.
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  • JHW/3/7

    Speaker's House Visitors' Book Item

    Leather-bound visitors' book for the Speaker's House. Book contains the signatures of the people that visited during J. H. Whitley's Speakership, including the signatures of Whitley's family and friends. Prominent signatures include Heads of State such as Mussolini, George V and Hirohito and foreign delegations such as the Rockefeller family. Signatures also include sportsmen W. Rhodes, H. Sutcliffe and Alan Cobham, and the artists that produced the series of historical paintings, known as the Building of Britain, at St Stephen's Hall, Westminster. The book also records five private visitors to the Whitley family at Ormonde Gate in 1933, including Mahatma Gandhi and his son.
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