A collection of 8 volumes of scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings, letters and photographs. The books cover J.H. Whitley's contribution to the education and politics of the town of Halifax; his appointments in the Houses of Parliament, the BBC and with the Chairman of the Royal Commission on Labour in India as well as records of condolence and reminisces after his death in 1935.

Notable entries in these scrapbooks include 2 letters from Winston Churchill.
  • JHW/2/1

    Volume 1 of J. H. Whitley scrapbooks Subseries

    Scrapbook containing newspaper cuttings, letters and photographs on the subject of J.H. Whitley's early political career in Halifax and his non-political contributions to the Halifax community, such as the creation of Evening Schools and Boys' Camps.
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  • JHW/2/2

    Volume 2 of J.H. Whitley scrapbooks: General Election Subseries

    Scrapbook containing newspaper clippings concerning J.H. Whitley's involvement in the 1900 General Elections.
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  • JHW/2/3

    Volume 3 of J.H. Whitley scrapbooks Subseries

    Scrapbook containing newspaper clippings relating to J.H. Whitley's time as a Liberal MP.
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  • JHW/2/4

    Volume 4 of J.H. Whitley scrapbooks Subseries

    Scrapbook containing newspaper cuttings, extracts from Parliamentary debates and a handwritten letter from Winston Churchill.
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  • JHW/2/5

    Volume 5 of J.H. Whitley scrapbooks Subseries

    Scrapbook of newspaper clippings concerning J.H. Whitley's political career and family photographs. Scrapbook includes a typed letter from Winston Churchill to J.H. Whitley.
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  • JHW/2/6

    Volume 6 of J. H. Whitley scrapbooks Subseries

    Scrapbook containing newspaper clippings, photographs, letters and Hansard extracts, concerning Whitley's political career between 1911 and 1934. Includes his appointment and retirement from the Speakership.
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  • JHW/2/7

    Volume 7 of J. H. Whitley scrapbooks Subseries

    Scrapbook containing obituaries for J. H. Whitley, and letters to his son Oliver giving him condolence.
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  • JHW/2/8

    Volume 8 of J. H. Whitley scrapbooks: India Subseries

    Scrapbook containing photographs, dinner seating plans, letters and press cuttings from J.H. Whitley's time in India, as well as press cuttings about Whitley's time as Chairman for the BBC.

    Letter "T"
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  • JHW/2/To_relocate

    Article concerning J.H. Whitley Item

    Extract from a newspaper which states, in relation to Whitley's new post as Chairman of the BBC, that anyone who managed the House of Commons as Whitley did is capable of managing anything. Includes Mr. Loud-"Speaker" cartoon.
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