Working Papers and Correspondence
Officer's papers are the subject files and personal papers of the institution's leading figure, intially the role of Principal, then Rector and Vice-Chancellor. Internal Memos and Circulars are a record of internal communications giving information and updates to staff members.

Letters In includes letters written in to the College on a wide range of academic and organisational matters. Letters Out consists of replies, usually organised by the official concerned (i.e. Principal, Secretary or Vice-Chancellor). The filing of these was not done consistently over time, in some cases internal memos may be bundled with letters, or correspondence bundled together rather than separately.
  • HUD/WP/1

    Principal Officers Working Papers Item

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  • HUD/WP/2

    Deputy Principal Officer's Working Papers Item

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  • HUD/WP/3

    Internal Memos and Circulars Item

    1896-1903; 1975-1994 (missing 1978; 1993)
    The circulars and memoranda record news and events taking place in the institution, as well as changes in policy and procedure.
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  • HUD/WP/4

    Letters In Item

    Letters received by the institution from students (prospective, current and alumni), employers, parents, partner and industrial organisations, the local authority and examining bodies.

    Modern letters are retained from partner organisations and visitors, whilst the Vice-Chancellor's business correspondence is kept in the VCO.

    During the 1940s, both letters in and out were stored together and can be found in this series.

    Letters In

    Box 1: 1855, 1858, 1862-1863
    Box 2: Oct 1878-Feb 1884
    Box 3: 1884
    Box 4: 1880-1885 (including letters in relating to the Fine Art and Industrial Exhibition)
    Box 5: Sep 1883-Jun 1886 (Science and Art Department)
    Box 6: 1884-1885
    Box 7: 1885
    Box 8: 1885
    Box 9: 1885-1886
    Box 10: 1886
    Box 11: 1886-1887
    Box 12: 1887
    Box 13: 1887-1888
    Box 14: 1888
    Box 15: 1888-1889
    Box 16: 1889
    Box 17: 1889-1890
    Box 18: 1891
    Box 19:

    Box 40:
    Box 41: Principal's Correspondence 1938-1940
    Box 42: Principal's Correspondence 1940-1942
    Box 43: Principal's Correspondence 1942-1943
    Box 44: Principal's Correspondence 1943-1945
    Box 45: Principal's Correspondence 1945-1946
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  • HUD/WP/5

    Letters Out Item

    Letter books and copies of letters sent by initially the office of Secretary, and later the post of Principal/Vice-Chancellor on a range of college business issues, with students, partners, other educational institutions and the local authority.

    During the 1940s, both letters in and out were stored together and can be found in the 'Letters In' series - HUD/WP/4
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