Managing teaching and learning records
These records reflect the decision making, drafting and implementation of courses, modules and assessments, and the publicity produced to attract students to courses and departments.

Records are organised by School (e.g. Music, Humanities and Media), which normally contains a number of departments (e.g. History). Some departments may now be defunct, or the School may previously have had a different structure, but the current model of School organisation is maintained. The main decision making records are those of the School Board, which is made up of members of the department and detemines the strategic direction, course content, and academic status of staff and students. The School Boards report directly to the University Teaching and Learning Committee. In some cases, administrative and subject files relating to the operation of the Schools have been transferred to the archive. A number of draft and validated course and module handbooks are contained within the records, but there is not a complete set of either. Exam Papers and Course Publicity series also contain gaps.

Photographs of the students or the work of the department can be found in the Photographic Collections (HUD/PT).

    School of Art, Design and Architecture Item

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    School of Applied Sciences Item

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    Huddersfield University Business School Item

    This series contains administrative papers from the University's Business School and preceding faculties. It also includes module handbooks and module applications, examination papers and course publicity. It includes examination papers
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    School of Computing and Engineering Item

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    School of Education and Professional Development Item

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    School of Human and Health Sciences Item

    The West Yorkshire College of Health Studies merged with the school from 1996. Administrative records prior to this date are held in the WYCHS collection. After this date they are described in this section.
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    School of Music, Humanities and Media Item

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