Rare Books Collection
A separate collection of "rare books" maintained in the Polytechnic Library and transferred to Archives & Special Collections during the 1990s.
  • HUD/LB/2/9/3/139

    Famous Pictures of the World. Item

    nd [c1905]
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  • HUD/LB/2/9/3/140

    La Broderie Blanche Item

    nd [?1920s]
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  • HUD/LB/2/9/3/141

    Les Points de Broderie. Traite Practique. Item

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  • HUD/LB/2/9/3/142

    Fonds de Bonnets du XIXe Siecle. Collection A. Lescure. Item

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  • HUD/LB/2/9/3/143

    Holbein Ornament in the British Museum. Science and Art Department of the Committee of Council of Education. Third Grade Prize in Art. Item

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  • HUD/LB/2/9/3/144

    Architectural and Decorative Designs for the use of those engaged in architecture, sculpture, working in metals, cabinet work and other fine art productions Item

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  • HUD/LB/2/9/3/145

    Les Soieries D'Art Depuis les Origines Jusqu'a Nos Jours Item

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  • HUD/LB/2/9/3/146

    A Collections of Psalms, from the Most Approved Versions: in Portions of a Convenient Length for Public Worship Item

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  • HUD/LB/2/9/3/147

    The Complete Guide to the Fine Arts: Containing Instructions in the Art of Drawing, Oil Colour Painting, Water Colour Painting… Item

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  • HUD/LB/2/9/3/148

    Krupp 1812-1912: Zum 100 ja?hrigen Bestehen der Firma Krupp und der Gusstahlfabrik zu Essen-Ruhr Item

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