Rare Books Collection
A separate collection of "rare books" maintained in the Polytechnic Library and transferred to Archives & Special Collections during the 1990s.
  • HUD/LB/2/9/3/126

    The Science of Modern Cotton Spinning: Embracing Mill Architecture; Machinery for Cotton Ginning, Opening Scutching, Preparing, and Spinning, with all the Latest Improvements. Vol 2 Item

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  • HUD/LB/2/9/3/127

    Les Oeuvres Morales and Meslées de Plutarque, Translatées du Grec en Francois... (The Moral Works and Miscellaneous Writings of Plutarch, Translated into French from the Greek…) Item

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  • HUD/LB/2/9/3/128

    Art and Industry Vol 28 Item

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  • HUD/LB/2/9/3/128a

    Art and Industry Vol 47 Item

    Jan-Jun 1949
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  • HUD/LB/2/9/3/128b

    Art and Industry Vol 48 Item

    Jul-Dec 1949
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  • HUD/LB/2/9/3/128c

    Art and Industry Vol 49 Item

    Jan-Jun 1950
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  • HUD/LB/2/9/3/128d

    Art and Industry Vol 50 Item

    Jul-Dec 1950
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  • HUD/LB/2/9/3/128e

    Art and Industry Vol 51 Item

    Jan-Jun 1951
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  • HUD/LB/2/9/3/128f

    Art and Industry Vol 52 Item

    Jul-Dec 1951
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  • HUD/LB/2/9/3/128g

    Art and Industry Vol 53 Item

    Jan-Jun 1952
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