Rare Books Collection
  • HUD/LB/2/9/3/1

    The Muck Manual: A Practical Treatise on the Nature and Value of Manures, Founded from Experiments on Various Crops. With a Brief Scientific Account of Agricultural Chemistry. For the Use of Farmers

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  • HUD/LB/2/9/3/10

    The Gates of Paradise: for Children, for the Sexes

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  • HUD/LB/2/9/3/100

    The Book of the Liverpool School of Architecture

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  • HUD/LB/2/9/3/101

    Paine of Almack's Fifth Set of Quadrilles Containing the Favourite Airs of L'Elegante, La Pettite Montignard, L'Inconstant, La Zephyr & Le Favorite, with Thier Proper Figures in French & English & Directions to Each Dance as Performed at Almack's, The Arg

    nd [?1816]
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  • HUD/LB/2/9/3/102

    Historical Account of the Navigable Rivers, Canals and Railways, Throughout Great Britain as a Reference to Nicholas, Priestley and Walker's New Map of Inland Navigation

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  • HUD/LB/2/9/3/103

    Map of the Inland Navigation, Canals and Rail Roads with Situations of the Various Mineral Productions Throughout Great Britain, from Actual Surveys Projected on the Basis of the Trigonometrical Survey Made by Order if the Honorable The Board of Ordinance

    1st Jan 1830
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  • HUD/LB/2/9/3/104

    Album du Siege et du Bombardement de Strasbourg

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  • HUD/LB/2/9/3/105

    A History of English Furniture: The Age of Walnut

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  • HUD/LB/2/9/3/106

    A History of English Furniture: The Age of Oak

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  • HUD/LB/2/9/3/107

    The Painters of Japan. Vol 1

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