Strategic and Operational Planning
Strategic and operational documents including grey literature in the education sector.
  • HUD/GV/6/1

    Strategic Plans Item

    Strategic and corporate planning documents for four to five year periods in the organisational history. Also includes revisions, information and mid-period review and planning documents.

    Strategic Plan - Jun 1989
    Strategic Plan - Jun 1990
    Enterprise in Higher Education 1991-1995
    Corporate Plan 1992-1996
    Corporate Plan 1992-1996 First Revision 1993
    Calendar of Academic Year 1993-1994
    Strategic Plan and Financial Forecasts 1993-1998
    Strategic Plan and Financial Forecasts 1994-1998
    Corporate Plan 1996-2001
    Strategic Plan 1996-2001
    Strategic Plan 1996-2001 Second Annual Revision 1998
    Strategic Plan 1996-2001 Third Annual Revision 1999
    Corporate Plan 1996-1997
    Strategic Plan 2000-2004
    Strategic Plan 2000-2005
    Corporate Planning Statement 2003-2004
    Strategic Plan 2003-2007
    Strategic Plan 2006-2010
    Strategy Maps 2013-2018
    Strategic Plan 2013-2018
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  • HUD/GV/6/2

    Education Grey Literature Item

    Documents published by central government or educational bodies directing education policy and strategic direction.
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