Huddersfield Rugby League Players Association Archive
Also known as ex-players and past players association

  • HPA/43

    Photograph: Huddersfield Team 1952-1953 Item

    Photograph: Huddersfield Team 1952-1953. Shows Committee members: J. T. Withers, W. Cunningham, H. Lockwood, J. Wood Beever (Vice-Chairman), H. V. Wood esq. (President), W. Stoker (Chairman), B. Gronow, T. Matthewman and Arthur Archbell (Secretary). Team: H. Tiffany (Assistant Trainer), J. Brown, W. Griffin, J. Bowden, J. Large, J. Cooper, E. Slevin, D. D. Valentine, J. Waring (Masseur), W. Smith (Trainer), R. Cracknell, P. Henderson, J. C. Hunter, G. R. Pepperell (Captain), L. Cooper, P. Devery, R. Rylance, W. Banks, G. Curran and P. Ramsden. Also pictured are the Rugby League Challenge Cup and the Yorkshire Challenge Cup.
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  • HPA/200

    Trophy: Travel Club Player of the Year Trophy. Item

    Trophy: Travel Club Player of the Year Trophy. 1985/98 to 1994/95.
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  • HPA/201

    Trophy: Lazenby Cup Item

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  • HPA/203

    Harold Wagstaff Cap and 2 photographs of Harold Wagstaff Item

    20th cent
    1908 cap and 2 B/W photographs of Harold Wagstaff, one dated 1914-15.
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  • HPA/204

    14 Medals: Ted Steven and photograph of Ted Steven Item

    20th cent
    14 Medals and photograph
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