Records relating to the marketing of Hopkinsons products via different mediums. These include product manuals destined for potential and existing customers, examples of the company's advertising. It also contains awards and medals achieved at trade exhibitions, a series of merchandise items, and the company's historical archive, including family trees, details of the 1924 Empire exhibition trip.
  • HOP/MK/1

    Hopkinsons Limited Product Catalogues Series

    This series is comprised of three sequences of catalogues: early catalogues; a main series general catalogues, produced with catalogue numbers by Hopkinsons; and smaller, more narrowly focussed brochure-style catalogues (with a second sequence of Hopkinsons catalogue numbers).
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  • HOP/MK/10

    Hopkinsons Company merchandise Item

    20th cent.
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  • HOP/MK/11

    Medallions Awarded to Hopkinsons Limited at Exhibitions Item

    20th cent.
    Three small boxes of medallions removed from Boardroom, including those awarded from Japan-British Exhibition London 1910, Naval Marine Engineering, Brussels 1910, North East Coast Exhibition 1882, Mining Institute of Cornwall, two 1885 International inventions Exhibition, Exhibition of theWorks of Industry of All Nations MDCCCLL. No dates on some items, boxes dated 1851-
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  • HOP/MK/2

    Technical and instruction publications Series

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  • HOP/MK/3

    Specimens of printed matter Item

    A set of scrapbooks containing copies of publicity and printed matter material produced by the company. Illustrations are captioned and in some cases contain prices.
    The scrapbooks are dated:
    "Printed Matter Issued 1922-1931"
    "Centrifuge Equipment 1930-1932"
    "Specimens of Printed Matter 1932-1938"
    "Printed Material Proofs 1939-1955"
    "Miscellaneous Printed Material 1955-1967"

    Large format (A0 size landscape) poster (modern reproduction) of "60 Horse Balanced Horizontal Condensing Steam Engine Erected by Joseph Hopkinson at Britannia Mills in 1862"

    Two samples (cardboard) of enamel advertising signs for "Hopkinsons Patent Safety Boiler Mountings and Valves", 1920s.

    1979 and 1983 trade calendars, given to clients.
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  • HOP/MK/4

    Advertising Series

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  • HOP/MK/5

    Company history and archives Series

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  • HOP/MK/6

    Hopkinsons Group interactive display table Item

    20th cent.
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  • HOP/MK/7

    Marketing departmental procedures Item

    Various items relating to the establishment and functioning of the public relations department, marketing and publicity functions.
    Includes distribution lists, 1980s; proposal to establish public relations function, 1970s.

    Memorandum on the Hopkinsons Correspondence System, 1981.
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  • HOP/MK/8

    Publicity Department Photographic Index and Records Item

    Large size visual index, classified by product but also including general views of the works. Photographic prints are captioned and mostly numbered and dated in line with the main photographic sequence in HOP/PR/1.
    Some photographs are missing, although captions remain.
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