Staff instruction and training records
Includes Company reference library materials, staff training presentations and staff manuals.
  • HOP/HR/6/1

    Reference Library Subseries

    Reference library created by Hopkinsons Limited: engineering journals, reference books and published material. Includes a number of rare engineering works from the 19th century. Some items are annotated.
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  • HOP/HR/6/2

    Staff Instruction and Training Materials Item

    Binder with typed instructional memos, 'Centrifugal Oil Purifiers 3, 4 & 5 Machines'. 1934

    Presentation slides, some labelled as being for the training of new staff. 2 large slide boxes, 2 envelopes of unsorted slides, 1 envelope labelled '35mm Slides Inspection Lecture', 6 small slide boxes - 1 labelled 'The Shaping Machine', 15 containers of photographic negatives (unlabelled). Slides include information on the Hopkinsons Company, such as organisation charts; 1 envelope and 1 slide wallet.

    Photographic film nd

    Plastic demonstration models of engines, labelled 'Four Stroke Cycle' and 'Four Stroke Diesel Cycle', produced by CW Engineering Co and labelled with Dewey Decimal numbers. nd [c1970s]

    Handbook of Instructions for Operating Equipment, British Oxygen. nd [c1950s]

    Hopkinsons Ltd Inspection Department, 2 files of staff instructions memos 1956-1976

    Hopkinsons Ltd, Controls Division folder with blueprints and technical drawings. Labelled H. Beaumont. 11 Mar 1963.

    Safety Valve Data booklet. 1967-1968

    Danske Elvaerker's Kursusudvalg for Kraftsvaersteknikere, Symposium, 9 May 1972. Bound collection of lecture papers delivered by Hopkinsons staff.

    'Grinding is Universal', 'Grinding IQ' training booklet. 1985.
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