Company magazines and newsletters
  • HOP/HR/5/1

    Firm Friends Series

    Summer 1958 - Summer 1977
    Hopkinsons "House Journal" Firm Friends. 2 complete runs. Written for staff and international partners. Feat. news about company, staff and social clubs, long service awards/retirements. Useful context for some images in HOP/HR/1, details of international trips, Miss Hopkinson competitions, apprentices and associate company profiles.
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  • HOP/HR/5/2

    Britannia Bulletin Item

    Sep 1980-Apr 1985
    The bulletin was the newsletter for staff to keep them up to date with the achievements of the business and the work of colleagues in other parts of the business. It was released every two to three months, and may have been a successor to the Firm Friends magazine.
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