Health and welfare records
  • HOP/HR/3/1

    Hopkinsons Ltd casualty registers Item

    Hopkinsons Ltd Casualty Registers Numbers 14-18. The registers contain information on accidents/casualties that took place on-site at Hopkinsons Ltd works. The registers provide the following details for each incident: casualty number; name; address; age; marital status; occupation; date/time of accident; date reported to works surgery; machine number; brief description of accident and injuries sustained; date/time ceased work; date returned to work; time disabled; reported to insurance company.

    The entries are arranged in date/casualty number order and the back of each volume contains an index of employees by surnames.

    The accident reports and other documents relating to each case can be found in the accident reports records (HOP/HR/3/2). These records are arranged by the casualty numbers found in the casualty registers.
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  • HOP/HR/3/2

    Hopkinsons Ltd accident documentation Subseries

    Reports concerning the accidents involving staff at Hopkinsons Ltd. The reports/cases are arranged in date/casualty number order. The Hopkinsons Ltd casualty registers (HOP/HR/3/1) contain basic information and provide an index to all accident cases during 1947-1978. This series is divided into files relating to reportable accidents and accident reports (relating to more minor injuries), safety awards and deafness claims
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  • HOP/HR/3/3

    Hopkinsons Ltd deafness claims records Item

    Hearing loss litigation paperwork, mostly dated 1985-1989 (a few late 70s) relating to staff employed at Hopkinsons 1950s-1980s. Includes handwritten settlement calculations
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  • HOP/HR/3/4

    Hopkinsons Ltd SABS claims/sick pay records Item

    Apr 1974-Aug 1985
    Volume marked as 'S.A.B.S Claims Record' appears to record detail of sick pay at Hopkinsons Ltd. The volume provides the following details of each claim on a weekly basis: surname of employee; claim number; cost/payment; date of paid/reimbursed.
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  • HOP/HR/3/5

    Hopkinsons Ltd health and safety awards Item

    Health and safety awards issued by the British Safety Council. Framed. 7 items
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  • HOP/HR/3/6

    Hopkinsons Health and Safety Notices and Handbooks Item

    A notice advertising the Works Surgery hours of attendance and treatment options. nd [1950s-1960s]

    Safety Handbook, Hopkinsons Ltd. Publication no. 53068. nd [c1990s]

    Fire Policy booklet, Hopkinsons Limited. 1992

    Fire Policy booklet, Hopkinsons Limited. Publication no. 53069. 1996
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