Staff wage records
Hopkinsons Ltd accounts and reports detailing employee wages. This series is incomplete with only three items surviving in the company archives, these items cover the years 1967-1978 and 1994-1995.
  • HOP/HR/2/1

    Hopkinsons Ltd wages account book Item

    Two bound ledger containing details of wages and expenses paid by Hopkinsons Ltd. The wage information is split into divisions/teams (e.g. Directors Expenses, Office Wages, Sales Wages, Works, Wages, ...etc.).
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  • HOP/HR/2/2

    Hopkinsons Ltd summary wage accounts Item

    Bound and loose accounts for wages paid by Hopkinsons Ltd. The wage information is given at division/team level (e.g. actuators; sootblowers; repairs; services; works; foundaries; electronics...etc.). The loose accounts cover the period 1967-1978 and provide wage information on a weekly basis. The bound accounts cover the period 1975-1978 and provide wage information on a quarter/half-yearly basis.
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  • HOP/HR/2/3

    Hopkinsons Ltd casual wages payments accounts book Item

    Volume containing a list of casual wage payments made by Hopkinsons Ltd. For each entry the list includes: check number; surname of individual; date paid; initials of payer; authority; signature of individual received the payment.
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  • HOP/HR/2/4

    Hopkinsons Ltd monthly staff payroll reports Item

    Printed reports from Hopkinsons Ltd payroll system detailing the monthly wages of employees. For each employee the report includes: employee code; basic pay; additions; gross pay; pensions; AVC; tax; Employees National Insurance (EE NI); deductions; net pay; gross to-date; tax to-date; Employers National Insurance (ER NI).
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