Kirklees Labour Group
Records concerning the administration of Kirklees Labour Group within Kirklees council
  • HLP/KL/1

    Kirklees Labour Group Executive Committee minute book Item

    The minutes record the meetings of Kirklees Labour Party from 10th March 1988 to 6th May 1990. The records include vast amounts of correspondence: 10th March 1988 usage of "I tut tutted at this cock up" phrase when it came to a missing member during a meeting, 22nd September 1988 ban on plastic and rubber bullets proposal due to killings in Africa, 1st August 1989 letter to one of the members excluding him from being placed on Panel of Candidates. In the file there are also numerous financial reports and ballots.
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  • HLP/KL/2

    Kirklees Labour Group/Party Central Organising Committee file Item

    Includes Kirklees Labour Group/Party meeting agenda and minutes, minutes of the Education Labour Group and minutes of the Environmental Health and Control Labour Group, and terms of reference for the Kirklees Labour Party's 1987/1988 Standing Working Parties
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  • HLP/KL/3

    Kirklees Labour Group, Meeting Agendas – 2 vols Item

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  • HLP/KL/4

    Minutes of Kirklees Metropolitan District Group Item

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  • HLP/KL/5

    Panel of Candidates sheets and information sheets for new candidates Item

    Late 20th Century
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  • HLP/KL/6

    Standing Orders of Kirklees District Party Item

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  • HLP/KL/7

    Standing Orders of Labour Group & District Party Item

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  • HLP/KL/8

    Storthes Hall Material Item

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  • HLP/KL/9

    Manifesto drafts Item

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  • HLP/KL/10

    General Misc. Documents Item

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