Huddersfield & District Archaeological Society files
Files containing research reports, notes and other material accumulated by the Society.
Many of the items in the boxes have also been digitised and are available as digital copies.

Descriptions prepared by Gerrie Brown, Huddersfield & District Archaeological Society, 2016.
  • HDAS/2/1

    Work by Huddersfield & District Archaeological Society at local sites excluding Slack - box 1 Item

    Research and other materials relating to sites in the Huddersfield area excavated or researched by the Huddersfield & District Archaeological Society. See also HDAS/2/2 for other local sites, and HDAS/2/6-12 for Slack Roman fort.

    Blackmoorfoot Iron Age enclosure
    Blackmoorfoot Folder of correspondence on possible bronze Age feature 2002-04

    Blackstone Edge The Roman Road over Blackstone Edge 1894 by H C March

    Butterworth Hill Farm Un-productive investigations in 2014 (Roman finds reported)

    Cambodunum Slack, Greetland & Cambodunum extract from YAJ vol 23 1915
    By F Haverfield
    Cambodunum By Bonwell Spence. the Journal of the Huddersfield and District Archaeological Society. Published by Brigantian, 1986

    Carr Dike Phase 1&2 notes on two CDs prepared by John Cross plus sketch map

    Castleshaw Castleshaw roads and Romans by Ken Booth

    Darkwood Notes on engraved stones 1999 & BB1 finds of 2002
    Photocopy of Roman Pottery Industries of S. Yorks Britannia XI 1980

    Field Walls Notes on dating

    Fixby Folder on Lindley Moor roman road and development debate 2009-11
    Includes note and images on LIDAR studies of the area

    Fixby 7 page report on a trial excavation by N. Lunn in 2001

    Greetland research Bulletin No. 4 1959

    Grimescar Folder of notes and reports from 1591 to 2015

    Hagg Wood, Honley West Yorkshire Archaeology Advisory Service Historic Environment Record. Full Report. 4 pages

    Halifax Association paper reprints.
    The Roman Altar, The Antonine Itinerary, Greetland Outpost,
    Roman sites, Garrison Organisation and other finds possible.

    Harden Hill Ancient Race Course 2007

    Honley Possible ancient well at Thirstin Mill 2010

    Jackson Bridge Tumulus 2010

    Launds Record of misplaced finds at Rochdale Road, Golcar 2007

    Lee Hill Print of internet page Partscape - Detailed Result Nonument no. 47464. 2 pages 01/07/2017
    The Earthwork at Lee Hill, Huddersfield. An Iron Age Hilll Farm. by J P Toomey. 3 pages

    Long Causeway Plan of possible Roman Road from Baitings Bridge & Piper Junction

    Longley Survey of the shallow shafts adjacent to Wood Lane by E A Vickerman

    Cairn Site Hagg Wood SE 149 105 x1 page comment on flints
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  • HDAS/2/10

    Material relating to British Archaeological Report 620: "The Romans in Huddersfield: a new assessment" by Barry Hobson, Granville Clay and Gerrie Brown published 2015 Item

    Hard copies
    Main report with radio-carbon appendix, bibliography, and acknowledgements
    Glass appendix by Hilary Cool
    Original pottery report on Slack 2007-08 David Griffiths June 2011
    Original pottery report on Hartley material David Griffiths July 2011
    Selected exchanges with Griffiths January 2013 onwards
    Pottery report by David Griffiths. Full text of the consolidated pottery report as submitted to Archaeopress on 27th April 2015. Part A contains pages 1 to 16 with the commentary on the 2007-08 finds followed by the 1968-69 finds then the conclusions, catalogue, description of fabrics and the bibliography. Part B is pages 17 to 47 which contains a description of finds from 2007-08 by trench followed by six pages of scale drawings. Then a description of selected items from the 1968-69 finds supported by another six pages of drawings.
    Correspondence with Kay Hartley in 2015 concerning the promised appendix on selected mortaria from 2007-08 and 1968-69
    Mortaria report by Kay Hartley
    Return of 1968-69 mortaria to Paul Bidwell in South Shields to complete the Brian Hartley archive that was transferred to him in 2013.
    Brian Hartley appendix by Gerrie Brown. This summarises unpublished notes and drawings of rescue archaeology in 1968-69 at Slack in advance of the construction of the M62 motorway.

    Publicity materials:
    Folder containing pre-publication notices about BAR 620 which is titled The Romans in Huddersfield - A New Assessment (2015)
    One paragraph in Britannia vol. 43 November 2012.
    Three pages in the CBA Forum vol. 1 2012 published early 2013.

    Archaeopress (published of BAR620)
    Correspondence and two CDs containing the final submission of the text and images for the main body of the HDAS report on Slack together with Appendices on Glass, the Brian Hartley archive, the carbon dating report, bibliography and acknowledgements.
    Exchanges on proofing and prices.
    Publicity for BAR620

    In September 2015 responsibility for all BAR publications passed from Archaeopress to Hadrian Books - see
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  • HDAS/2/11

    Material relating to the preparation of what became British Archaeological Report 620: "The Romans in Huddersfield: a new assessment" Item

    Selected correspondence with possible publishers and editors:
    Hilary Cool Aug 11- Jun 14
    David Griffiths Jan 12 - Aug 15
    Elizabeth Hartley Jul 12 - Aug 15
    Kay Hartley Sep 12 - Aug 15

    Archaeology Data Service
    Internet Archaeology Catherine Hardman

    Instructions for Authors Maney Publishing/YAJ
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  • HDAS/2/12

    Early drafts of British Archaeological Report 620: "The Romans in Huddersfield: a new assessment" by Barry Hobson, Granville Clay and Gerrie Brown published 2015 Item

    Folder 1
    Catalogued reports covering November 2012 to December 2014
    Three CDs of draft reports January, February and April 2013. These all by Granville Clay.

    Folder 2
    Exchanges between publication 'Troika' August 2012 onwards. ['Troika' = Barry Hobson, Granville Clay & Gerrie Brown]
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  • HDAS/2/13

    Notes relating to British Archaeological Report 620: "The Romans in Huddersfield: a new assessment" Item

    Folder 1
    Notes on late dated pottery

    Folder 2
    Correspondence with Paul Bidwell and his comments on selected late dated items

    Folder 3
    Water supplies to Slack Roman fort and vicus

    Press cutting of Brian Hartley excavating the Roman road (Trench RI)
    Locating Hartley trench TI on the later geophysics (2006)

    Summary of Roman coin finds in the vicinity of Slack (DGB)

    Notes on the vintage images of Slack held in the Kirklees Archive and also in the glass slide collection of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society

    Pre-publication exhibition at the Heritage Quay to demonstrate HDAS work with emphasis on the 2007-08 and 2010 excavations in the vicus at Slack.

    Publicity for the Heritage Quay exhibition and BAR620 on 19th August in the Huddersfield Examiner. (Article drafted by DGB)

    Publicity for a dubious book (Pennine Dragon) that claims to identify Slack Roman fort as King Arthur's Camelot. Coverage in Yorkshire Post & Examiner.

    Press notice from HDAS to announce an increase in the Slack scheduled monument granted by Historic England as from 01.04.2016. (No April joke.)
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  • HDAS/2/14

    Notes on the Brian Hartley archive Item

    Brian Hartley undertook rescue excavations at Slack along the projected line of the M62 motorway in two seasons 1968 and 1969.
    This work was never published by him but Elizabeth Hartley released the archive and the collection of artefacts to HDAS so that a summary of the 1968-69 work could be published as an appendix to BAR620 - The Romans in Huddersfield - A New Assessment (2015)

    This box contains a summary of the contents and working notes of its analysis before the complete archive was transferred in 2013 to Paul Bidwell at Arbeia Roman fort in South Shields.

    The box contains a folder of correspondence concerning the archive and the electronic data base in the HDAS archive retains pdf copies of many of the key drawings and details of the photographs
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  • HDAS/2/15

    Research by Huddersfield & District Archaeological Society on Almondbury hill fort "Castle Hill" Item

    1695 Extract from Camden's Britannia Gibson's 2nd Ed. 1722 1 page + pdf
    1883 Brief details in Huddersfield by Hobkirk & Curzon 3 pages + pdf [HDAS/2/7]
    1900 Historical Notes by Sir Thomas Brooke 5 pages + pdf
    1939 Excavation report Varley, W. J. [x3 transcripts]
    The Excavation of Castle Hill 1939 (First year) 9 pages + pdf
    c.1939 Castle Hill Guide [x3 transcripts] 3 pages + pdf
    1946 Story of Castle Hill by Ahier, P contents page & extracts 4 pages + pdf
    1970 YAJ vol. 42 page 391 note by Varley, W.J. 1 page + pdf
    1970 Unattributed review of Varley's work on Castle Hill 12 page +pdf
    1971 May be Hill-forts of Britain by Hogg, A.H.A.
    Copy letter to Varley concerning radiocarbon dating 1 page +pdf

    1973 Brief Guide to the excavations 1939-72 by Varley, W.J.
    Limited extract [several copies of transcript] 3 pages + pdf
    1976 Hillforts of the Iron Age by Forde-Johnston, J. extract 1 page + pdf

    1981 Extract from West Yorks Archaeological Survey to 1500 2 pages + pdf
    1992 YAJ vol. 64 1992 Early Iron Age pottery by Gilks, J.A. 7 pages + pdf
    2006 Conservation Management Plan. Report & Appendices 2 volumes
    2007 English Heritage Pastscape NMR 49129 4 pages + pdf
    2010 Castle Hill Almondbury Research Project 5 pages + pdf
    2011 Time Line from 2nd century (DGB) 2 pages + pdf
    2012 National Monuments Record. English Heritage 4 pages + pdf
    Schedule for Ancient Monument No. 1009846 E. H. 4 pages + pdf

    2012 Revised planning application for hotel 6 page pdf
    Covering letter to application 2 page pdf
    Confirmation of receipt for 2012/62/93683/W 3 page pdf
    Plan of old and proposed new trenches 2 page pdf
    English Heritage reject hotel planning application 12 page pdf
    English Heritage further comments 2 page pdf
    Above items plus correspondence/press cuttings 1 folder

    2013 LiDAR target for possible survey 2 pages + pdf
    2013 Updates on Research Project on monument 13297 9 pages + pdf
    2013 Action plan for Lottery Fund application 3 pages + pdf
    2014 Specification for new exploration WYAAS 19 page + pdf
    2014 Summary of information held by John Bowen 3 pages + pdf
    2017 Partscape Detailed Results Castle Hill. 4 pages
    Castle Hill, Almondbury, near Huddersfield. 12 pages. source unknown
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  • HDAS/2/16

    Reference material used by Huddersfield & District Archaeological Society - box 1 of 3 Item

    George Lloyd Notes on the Rev. G. Lloyd first Honorary Secretary of the Huddersfield Archaeological and Topographical Association. 1865. (DGB)

    ISBN Logbook Folder on ISBN procedures and HDAS allocations 2004-08

    Golden Jubilee Folder of photographs used in the Tolson Museum exhibition 2006

    National Monuments Records Full report on all NMR in Huddersfield area 2008

    HDAS Website Notes on maintenance and domain name 2014

    HDAS Data Base Photocopies of the original index cards

    O/S 1854 Guide to the CD controls for the first edition map of the West Riding
    See data base section 8 (miscellaneous) for access

    List of 145 items in the library of HDAS under the control of Russell Irving (nd).

    See also HDAS/2/17 and HDAS/2/25
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  • HDAS/2/17

    Reference material used by Huddersfield & District Archaeological Society - box 2 of 3 Item

    Bainbridge The Roman Fort at Bainbridge. Britannia vol.43 (2012) by Bidwell, P.
    Reporting on unpublished excavations by Hartley, B. R. and others.

    Birrens Extracts form the 1936 excavations by the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.

    Stanwick Notes on the Iron Age fortifications.
    Summary extracted from the Report of the Society of Antiquaries London by Sir Mortimer Wheeler President 1954.

    Tile Stamps Extract from YAJ vol.58 (1986) by Stephens, G. R.
    Roman Tiles from Templeborough and Slack, and the Adoption of Tile Stamping by the Auxilia.

    Tomen y Mur Notes on the water supply to this Welsh Roman fort (DGB)
    More notes on water supply to Roman forts.

    Humber Frontier Paper by Wilson, P. (2006).
    Holding the Line? The Humber frontier and the Roman expansion into
    Yorkshire reconsidered.

    Barbegal France Notes on the Roman flour mill near Arles by Hansen, R.D.

    Roman Camps Notes on Roman Camps by Carter, S. from Fortified England (2010).

    Donald Haigh List of all his contributions to the Roman Antiquities Section of YAS
    1985 to 2009.

    Quotations Selected thoughts of Brian Hartley, Robin Birley and Cassius Dio.

    1960 Barrow No. 9 Ramsley Moor, North East Derbyshire by A. H. Henderson
    4 pages plus drawings and site plan
    Offprint from the Transactions of the Hunter Archaeological Society Vol. VIII, Part 2

    1960 Circles and Barrows on Ramsley Moor by D. N. Riley
    3 pages and site plan
    Offprint from the Transactions of the Hunter Archaeological Society Vol. VIII, Part 2

    1962 Flint Implements found on Totley Moor by D. N. Riley
    5 pages plus drawings and site plan
    Offprint from the Transactions of the Hunter Archaeological Society Vol. IX, Part 3

    See also HDAS/2/16 and HDAS/2/25
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  • HDAS/2/18

    John Spaul archive Item

    This is a summary of the archive material donated by Mr. John E. H. Spaul of Andover who was involved in archaeological excavations at the Slack Roman Fort in 1962-3. This work was undertaken jointly by the Tolson Memorial Museum and the Heath Grammar School, Halifax under the direction of J K T Hunter and J E H Spaul.
    [Papers received by post 29.10.2010. and this summary prepared November 2010 by Gerrie Brown.]

    Published material.
    Yorkshire Archaeological Journal. vol. 42 1967. Extract of pages 74 to 97
    Yorkshire Archaeological Journal. vol. 42 1967. Copy of pages 80 to 86
    Huddersfield in Roman Times. I A Richmond 1925. Handbook IV Tolson Memorial Museum Publications.
    (with annotations by John Spaul)

    Catalogued notes
    Correspondence with Keith [? J. K. T. Hunter ?] together with a hand written draft of pages 80-86 of YAJ
    Typed draft of the above.

    Colour slides 35 mm.
    Eight assorted slides which will be scanned and digitalized.
    x 2 trench A across fort rampart, x 3 trench C (not identified) and x 3 of bath house.

    Letters from Eric Birley (Durham) 29.05.1962
    R. P. Wright (The Roman Inscriptions of Britain) (Durham) 07.06.1962
    R. P. Wright (The Roman Inscriptions of Britain) (Durham) 04.07.1962
    All concerning tracings of inscriptions on tiles found at Slack - together with two sheets of tracings.
    [See also plate X Yorkshire Archaeological Journal. vol. 42 1967 facing page 94.]

    Other items
    Hand written notes on rustic ware from kilns at North Hykeham and Lee near Gainsborough.
    Schematic diagram of the Roman road network from Chester to York.
    Diagram of the s.east corner of the fort and bath house with four trench locations on plan. [pdf 10]
    Plan and section drawings of trenches A, B, C and D at 0.5 inch : 1 foot. [pdf 11 to 19]
    Perspective drawing of trench D - eastern end of the stoke hole for heating the hottest room of the bath house. [pdf 20 & 21]
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